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Published 2014-08-29 11:30:35

What do you get when you combine design with technology?

The new Livescribe Notebook from Moleskine, of course! Get the best of both worlds with this notebook which allows you to pen your thoughts and ideas on paper and convert them to digital form simultaneously. Sounds like a dream come true?

The notebook has been designed for Livescribe smartpens. These pens enable your written notes to appear on your iPad or iPhone and other compatible iOS products. An infrared camera in the pen captures your handwriting and stores it in its built-in memory before syncing it with the Livescribe+ mobile app through Bluetooth Smart pairing with your handheld device.

The pen only functions with dot paper, which is exactly what the new Moleskine notebook features. This dot paper contains microdot patterns which are almost invisible to the naked eye, but detectable by the smartpen. It is this unique pattern of dots which results in the ability of the smartpen to capture the exact location of the writings and drawings.

Image Credit: Moleskine
Image Credit: Moleskine

The transfer of information is not only fast and accurate, it is seamless so “you can see your ideas travel from paper to screen”, as the Moleskine website aptly describes the notebook. Nothing beats the touch and feel of good old pen and paper, a creative process and experience not to forget. Technology takes this experience up a notch with the introduction of handwriting recognition which enables the user to convert handwriting into editable text for ‘cut and paste’, or even Tweeting and texting.

Image Credit: Moleskine
Image Credit: Moleskine

If that’s not awesome enough, you can also associate sounds with your notes!  The audio feature in Livescribe smartpens allows users to record and listen to their discussions repeatedly, making the notebook friendly for auditory and visual learners. There’s the option of tagging your notes on the page and reviewing it in the app later, as well.

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Image Credit: Moleskine
Image Credit: Moleskine

The hallmark traits of a Moleskine notebook – ribbon bookmark and elastic closure- are kept intact with this design meets innovation matrimony. With 240 pages of acid-free ruled paper, there’s room for an endless flow of ideas. The black hardcover also makes the notebook a classy addition to any technology-savvy hipster’s collection of creative instruments.

Centre-stictched binding allows for a comfortable and pleasant writing experience as the notebook can be opened flat on surfaces. To guide you along, sufficient instructions and commands for the Livescribe smartpen are included in the form of bookmarks.

Image Credit: Moleskine
Image Credit: Moleskine

This elegant analog-meets-digital love affair is a must-have for the creative individual who lives to see his/her ideas transform on screen. Although we’d love to see more coloured covers to suit individual style and preference, this handy-dandy notebook is a keeper!

The Moleskine Livescribe Notebooks are available for pre-order on the Moleskine shop.

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