Liang Hwei  |  Singapore
Published 2015-03-05 15:00:10

Last month, we reported that Jetstar had launched a campaign to match singles through the power of the Zodiac. Participants simply had to enter the years they were born, and Jetstar would then consult a fengshui professional to find the best match and set them up on a blind date.

It seems that Singaporeans are a superstitious bunch, because in just two weeks, over 12,000 competed to win the blind date. From there, Jetstar picked their winning couple — Dennis and Zhi Min — who were sent to Bali on the ultimate first date.

But to their surprise, 320 of the 12,000 participants were above the age of 60. This prompted Jetstar to set up yet another couple, Henry Tan (born in the year of the rat) and Grace Toh (born in the year of the pig),  both of whom were over the age of 60.

And the result is adorable.


Meet Henry Tan, age 66, a financial consultant, who looks very eager to get started.

“Never been on a blind date before, so this is the opportunity of my life I guess!”


And Grace Toh, 67, who used to work as a missionary in Africa!

“I’m supposed to have fun, so I should have fun, eh?”


The two finally meet in what looks like an old school romance film.


Henry pulls the seat out for the lovely lady.


jetstar-zodiac -3


“She is very unassuming,” said Henry. “And I feel very at ease with her.”


“I think he’s not a complicated person,” says Grace. “You ask him he will tell you.”


To further push the two along, Jetstar even gifted them two tickets to anywhere on the Jetstar network.

Will love blossom between the two? If they do, we’ll definitely want to see more of Henry and Grace!

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