It's never enough for phone cases to be functional; they need to look good too!

June Javelosa  |  Singapore
Published 2015-03-09 14:00:04

Last week, we introduced to you 6 best cases for the iPhone 6, in terms of function. But the great thing about having an iPhone is the variety of options you have when it comes to dressing it up (or down, as the case may be), and so we’re back this week with 5 cases which not only protect your phones, but also look good while at it.

So if you’re not partial to the rubber-kevlar protective casing combo that is so popular these days (they do tend to make your sleek iPhones resemble all-terrain military issued satellite phones), here are some fashionable cases that you can try — while getting some amount of protection for your gadget.

iPhone 6 Case Ultra Hybrid

Image credit: Spigen
Image Credit: Spigen

There’s a lot to love about the new iPhone’s chassis. The back panel is especially beautiful. Not since the iPhone 5 did I love a smartphone’s aesthetics this much, and it would be such a shame to cover it up.

For this, I recommend the iPhone 6 Case Ultra Hybrid in clear. It features a clear bumper to protect the edges and a clear back panel to keep your phone free from nicks and scratches.

Native Union Clic Wooden Case

Image credit: Amazon
Image Credit: Amazon

This case is simple, sturdy, and gives you a good grip of your gadget despite how slim it is. Native Union Clic Wooden Case combines a sleek aesthetic of glossy plastic and natural wood to create a distinct look that perfectly complements the iPhone.

I particularly like how the white option goes very well with the silver iPhone, the coral for the gold and both the olive and marine work really well with the black one.

Kerf Cork Case

Image credit: Kerf
Image Credit: Kerf

A minimalist but decidedly unique take on iPhone protection, Kerf has used precision milled of engineered cork that has been hand-sanded to create a simple but stylish and functional product.

Perfectly functional but unique, this bespoke iPhone case is really one of a kind.

Ullu Leather Case

Image credit: Ullu
Image Credit: Ullu

For a more premium leather case option, Ullu creates luxe leather cases made from ostrich leather, grain, or suede in a variety of colors. It’s slim, sleek and eye catching, and definitely an upgrade to the classic Apple leather cases offered by Apple.

My advice? Choose one in a neutral shade, given that this is a particularly pricey option ($200).

Otterbox Defender

Image Credit: shop.vertexhk.com
Image Credit: shop.vertexhk.com

Okay, Otterbox is known for their drop protection and boxy build, but they did expand their color and design line to accommodate the stylish sensibilities of iPhone owners.

The Defender line may be thick and bulky, but you can now also choose from various designs that are also beautiful.

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