Vulcan Post is going for Apple's Big Event on 9th September! We tell you what we may be expecting from this much anticipated event.

Liang Hwei  |  Singapore
Published 2014-09-02 11:00:15

It’s official – Vulcan Post will be going to Cupertino, California to attend Apple’s Big Event! There are so many things to look forward to from this event, if the rumour mill is anything to go by. I will be updating you as the event plays out, so do follow @vulcanpost if you haven’t already done so!

The invitation itself is minimalistic and only says “Wish we could say more”, which is honestly nothing much to go on. If you haven’t caught up with the news yet or haven’t been paying attention to the rumours going about, here are the top 5 things you have to look forward to this 9.9.2014.

1. Bigger and Better Looking iPhones

Image Credit: mashable
Image Credit: mashable

If you love your smartphones, then you would have definitely heard of the release of the iPhone 6. Since the announcement of iOS 8 in June at the WWDC, Apple Fans have been waiting as patiently as they can for Apple to announce their new phone – as they always do.

Rumour has it that there will be two sizes for this new iPhone – 4.7 inch and a 5.5 inch screen – the largest iPhone to be released to date. This might be to match their rivals in Samsung, whose Note series has done exceptionally well for Android lovers. Likely it would come in the same colours available for the iPhone 5S, which we are definitely not complaining about.

The other prevalent rumour is that the iPhone 6 will be made of tougher stuff. The bigger phones means that larger screens are more vulnerable, making it likely that Apple will take to the extra tough sapphire crystal seen on the iPhone 5S’s Touch ID button. Where or how it would be used will probably be announced at the event itself.

Marquez Brownlee claims that he got hold of the iPhone 6 Sapphire Crystal Screen, and does a scratch test that further proves that we need this screen to exist!

2. New Technology

Image Credit: pocketnow.com
Image Credit: pocketnow.com

The improvements can’t just be in the casing, but in the inner workings as well. This may be difficult to understand for the lesser tech-geeks out there, but we are definitely promised an iPhone that works better and longer. According toLaptop Magazine, the iPhone 6 might have a brand new 64-bit A8 chip, which would make it the first of its kind to bear a quad core processor.

The touchscreen capabilities may be improved as well. According to Laptop Magazine, patents were also published this January that outlined various applications for Liquidmetal technology related to mobile device, which could be used to improve the pressure sensors in the iPhone’s home button, the touch sensors in the display, and the binding components used to hold the phone together. This means a more sensitive and natural touch screen experience!

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Our beloved camera technology will possibly be improved as well. According to Laptop Magazine, Apple recently patented a new kind of camera technology that allows Apple to make thinner cameras, and thus thinner iPhones. According to documents, this technology uses two separate image sensors to capture one single photo – one to capture the brightness of a camera, the other to capture the colour of the camera.
If this technology comes out in the iPhone, it might – in extension – mean that any Apple product can be minimised in size further. Something nice to look forward to in the future.

3. Apple’s Mobile Wallet

Image Credit: iMore.com
Image Credit: iMore.com

While other tech giants have played around with mobile payment platforms like Google WalletIsis, and Square, Apple has not been responded in kind. But it is very likely that they will finally do so in this announcement, and according to WIRED Magazine, it might have something to do with NFC.

Having a mobile wallet of their own makes perfect sense. After all, they have over 800 million credit card accounts synced to their iTunes Store, and a dedicated following of Apple device users, notably the iPhone and iPad.

4. iOS 8 In Action

Image Credit: The Next Web
Image Credit: The Next Web

Since the WWDC announcement of iOS 8, everyone has been waiting to see it in action. And if Apple continues its tradition to announce new iPhones on Tuesday, make new iOS updates available to download on Wednesdays, and start selling or taking pre-orders for new devices on Fridays – it’s likely that iOS 8 will be available on September 10th, a day after Apple’s Big Event.

iOS 8 is currently in beta, so September 9th may be the first time we see it fully operational.
The new features of the iOS 8 focuses less on a design overhaul (as we saw in iOS7) and more on improving user experiences, with a better iCloud photo storage system, a seamless and secure experience between all Mac devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac), Family sharing function, and the long-awaited Health app.

5. iWatch?

Image Credit: wirelessefficiency.com
Image Credit: wirelessefficiency.com

This one is the latest of all the Apple announcement rumours. Since WWDC’s annoucement of iOS 8’s focus on health and fitness, and seamless connection over different devices, it’s quite possible that this means an iWatch is on the way. The wearables scene has made a big splash lately with fitness bands and sleep trackers made to sync to all smartphones and devices, what better way to take charge of the market by releasing an Apple wearable that syncs flawlessly with a new phone and operating system?

After all, they are pretty late in the game, with Android already pushing out their next wave of smart wearables, including Samsung’s Gear Live, LG’s G Watch, and Sony’s SmartWatch 2.

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