The app that made it big in Singapore is now moving to Taiwan.

Jacky Yap  |  SG
Published 2014-09-03 10:00:36

If there’s one app that most Singaporeans would be familiar with, it would definitely be Carousell.

Unfamiliar with Carousell? Launched back in 2012, Carousell is a mobile app that makes selling as simple as taking a photo, simply snap a photo and list it on the marketplace in less than 30 seconds. With Carousell, tech-savvy users can conveniently buy and sell items by browsing the app on their smartphones.

With over 2 million new and pre-loved items available for purchase, shoppers have plenty of bargains to discover at prices up to 80% below retail prices.

Carousell has since expanded to Malaysia and Indonesia after receiving a million dollar investment in November last year.

Image Credit: Carousell TW Facebook

And it appears that the Singapore-made app is now expanding its reach in Taiwan: it recently created a new Taiwan Facebook page targeting at Taiwanese users.

The announcement post reads: Singapore’s Number One Peer-to-Peer Mobile Marketplace Will Be Launching Soon!

There is also a dedicated Taiwanese website in traditional Chinese.

When we spoke to the team in November last year, Carousell shared that on average, a Carousell user would open the app about 10 times a day and spend about 25 minutes on it daily. In comparison, a Facebook user opens the app 14 times a day and uses it for 30 minutes daily.

Image Credit: Carousell TW Facebook
Image Credit: Carousell TW Facebook

Activities on Carousell are always high too: a simple social search on Twitter would reveal that buyers and sellers are both actively talking about Carousell.

The Carousell app is created by two Singaporeans and a Malaysian who knew each other when they were studying in the National University of Singapore.

Since lauching its service in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, the trio seem to be looking to bring the service to Taiwan mobile savvy users now.

Go forth and conquer, Carousell!

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