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Published 2013-11-15 09:10:08

Dropbox, one of the world’s leading file sharing software, has just announced the launch of a new Dropbox for Business.

Available in beta starting December, Dropbox for Business allows you to connect your personal account to your work account, making it easy for you to see both folders without making you switch between them. With it, users can view their personal files in one tab, and their work files in another tab, without having to use multiple windows.

For your working folder, admins will be able to watch all your activity in the business folder. For security, admins will be able to restrict certain files — so that you can’t share them with anyone not recognized as part of the company.

dropbox for business


dropbox mobile
Dropbox For Business mobile view. Image Credit: Dropbox

If you are worried about the synced work folder and your personal folder when you are making a career switch, you can easily “uncouple” your work account to your personal account. Another new feature called Account Transfer helps businesses when they need to remove access to certain files from an employee that’s leaving the company or switching teams. A Remote Wipe feature also makes sure employees don’t still have access to any of their old business files on any of their devices, and protects data if a device is stolen.

“It’s really nice to have home and business together in the same place. I don’t want to have to carry two phones, and this is the same thing.” said Dropbox founder Drew Houston at Dropbox HQ in San Francisco

Dropbox is used in more than 4 million businesses as well as by 200 million personal users. The Dropbox for Business upgrade will be available in beta in December, and will be available for all users in the new year. You can sign up for early access now.

dropbox for business

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