Gather all your friends; GoogleFeud lets you be the Autocomplete bot for once!

Joshua E. Zen  |  Singapore
Published 2015-03-17 12:00:43

This article originally appeared on VulcanPost.my

Ever since the invention of the touchscreen keyboard, Autocomplete has been around to make the transition from physical to touch keyboard easier. Its sole function is to somehow predict what you will say next, and make it a tap-able option for you as you type. This not only saves time, but also makes typing much faster as well.

A lot of whacky things pop up in the autocomplete box when we use Google — a fact that many have been quick to notice:

Image Credit: Google
Image Credit: Google

And now, Google Feud has taken that concept and turned it into a Family Feud-style game, asking us the important question: How sure are you of the mind behind the Internet?

This is how it works: You start off by picking one of four categories: Culture, People, Names, and Questions. Google Feud provides the first half of a search query under that category, and you fill in the rest. Your goal is to guess as many of the most popular queries as you can.

If it provides “Should I sell my ….”, for example, you might guess “house”, “car”, or “dog”. If your guesses line up with one of the most popular queries as searched for by Google visitors, you get a point; if it doesn’t, you get a strike. Three strikes, and the game is over. And if you’re wondering about the answers to the above question:

Image Credit: Techcrunch
Image Credit: Techcrunch

Here’s a tip: Be very specific with your words, as Google Feud does not do a very good job at combining similar words such as “plane” and “airplane”. You get it wrong, that’s a strike.

Bonus tip: there’s no built-in multiplayer option as yet, but it’s still a pretty great game to play with a friend. So go ahead, call a friend over and have some Google Feud fun!

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