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Neurowear is a team based in Tokyo, focused on creating a stronger link between biology and technology. Embarking on various projects at one go, Neurowear designs prototypes of new products and services based on biological signals such as brain waves, heartbeat and so on. Are you ready for them to read your mind? Here are some of their exciting projects:

1. Neurocam

Saw someone that makes your heart skip a beat or something that you really like but too shy to whip out your phone to take a picture so you can remember it/him/her? Neurowear has got just the gadget for you! Although looking slightly dorky, this headband, known as Neurocam, is determined to capture footage based on your interest levels.

2. Mico

Mico tailors music seamlessly according to a user’s mood. It’s, to me, Spotify Radio based on your brain waves. And since research has shown that listening to music can lift (or reinforce) one’s mood and ultimately lead to a greater quality of life, Mico is definitely going out of the way to help you enjoy life to its fullest!

3. Necomimi

Now how about some animal ears to spice up the party you just went to, with the DJ tailoring songs to your Mico?enablejsapi=1&html5=1& More than just a cute accessory, these cat ears are indicative of one’s attention levels. Well, perhaps apart from Halloween or dress-up parties, these cat ears would become teachers’ and professors’ best classroom helpers.

And it comes in tails too. What would the fox say when they see this?

Although many of these gadgets seem to lie within what people might classify as frivolous entertainment gadgets or “things I’d buy just for fun!”, it is really amazing to see the strengthened connection between biology and technology. And since many of these gadgets tap on your subconscious, you might even begin to understand yourself better – what you like, how well you concentrate etc. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more applications for Neurowear’s technology.

We’re entering the world of sci-fi reality.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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