Say no to long lines and waiting duration! The new Eat Out Manila mobile app aims to make your next restaurant reservation a lot easier.

Juvy Garcia  |  Singapore
Published 2014-09-11 15:00:00

Filipinos love to eat! At home, an average Filipino eats about 5 to 6 times per day: breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner or supper, and midnight snack.

But their love for food is not restrained to the confines of their home, it seems. Filipinos also love to eat out. A survey conducted by Looloo Insights showed that out of at least 422 respondents, 26% eat out every day, 13% eat out 4 times a week, 43% eat out 2 times a week and 18% eat out once a week. So yeah, it really does look like Filipinos love to go looking for good food out from the four walls of their homes.

Image Credit: Looloo Insights
Image Credit: Looloo Insights

But eating out in the metro is no easy task. Finding a great place to eat can be such a hassle and getting a seat at your fave restaurant could also prove to be a difficult task. The latter became such a huge challenge that Iñaki Lamata and a cousin who is based in Spain created a new app to solve it.

Eat Out Manila Restaurant Booking App

Long lines and wait times be gone! The new Eat Out Manila mobile app aims to make your next restaurant reservation a lot easier.

Image Credit: Eat Out Manila Inc.
Image Credit: Eat Out Manila Inc.

Eat Out Manila lets you book restaurants via the app or online for free, meaning no more phone call charges. To reserve a table, simply set the date, time and number of persons, then click “book” and “confirm”. You will receive a reference number via SMS and email afterwards.

The app’s search function looks poised to be a useful one. You can look up restaurants by name, cuisine, and locations; or refine your search by restaurant type and price range. On the specific restaurant page, you will also get to view their menu and any discounts, gift certificates or freebies directly from the partner restaurant.

Image Credit: Eat Out Manila Inc.
Image Credit: Eat Out Manila Inc.

Warning: No Abusers!

The app has a feature that allows you to cancel a reservation, but be warned. Not showing up for your reservation 3 times will cause you to be blocked from using the app. You will only get a strike if upon checking and validation, it was discovered that you just totally disregarded your reservation. However, if Eat Out Manila determines that you have a valid reason, then you won’t be marked as a no-show.

Expansion and an Android Version

The Eat Out Manila mobile app was launched on August 28. Its partners include more than 100 establishments, including Rambla, Red Crab, Lulu, Vyne, Las Flores, The Glass Door, Corazon, Elias and Abe, among others.

Image Credit: Eat Out Manila FB Page
Image Credit: Eat Out Manila FB Page

According to Interaksyon, Eat Out Manila aims to partner with 350 to 400 more restaurants before 2014 ends. There are also plans of launching Eat Out Cebu and Eat Out Boracay.

The app is currently only available at iTunes. But an Android version is expected to arrive by October, with the following additional upgrades:

  • Social interaction capability,
  • Ability to share favorite restos with friends, and
  • Make a reservation and invite others.

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