This website took over 5 months to complete, and the results are amazing!

Priscilla Tan  |  Singapore
Published 2015-03-19 14:00:50

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The Hawaiian crow, African penguin and golden poison frog all have something in common: they’re getting wiped out from the face of the earth — fast. These animals are caught up in a bone-rattling battle with natural predators, and to make matters worse, they’re not the only ones.

According to Endangered Earth, there are currently 16,306 animals at risk. But here’s the thing: we can stop it from getting worse. Bryan James, a 28-year-old designer based in Amsterdam, has created an inspiring, interactive website that aims to spread the word about these creatures’ colossal struggle.

Image Credit: In Pieces

Made Of Love And CSS Polygons

“In Pieces is an interactive exhibition-turned-study into 30 of the world’s most interesting but unfortunately endangered species — their survival laying, literally, in pieces.”

— In Pieces

Despite what you’re probably thinking, In Pieces is not made of — in the creator’s words — canvas or WebGL witchcraft. Instead, the project is made entirely with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). “With In Pieces, everything has been done, designed, coded from scratch.”

Bryan further explained, “The clip-path property hasn’t been used to its full potential yet, and it’s something which I was very interested in the moment I heard about it. I’m very surprised it’s not been used more, and hopefully we’ll see a lot more of it soon.”

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30 Species, 30 Pieces

Image Credit: In Pieces

The project, which took over five months to complete, proved to be fruitful. Many users have gone on social media to show their support for the website. “What’s more special to me is that some of the brands I have referenced in the project have seen it and appreciated it, without any previous communication.”

Accompanied by affecting music playing in the background, the website showcases 30 species that have been specifically chosen and represented for their difference. Bryan continued, “The fact they and others have seen it without any personal intervention is absolutely amazing. The comments have at times overwhelmed me in such a positive way, and once again I am extremely thankful.”

Educate. Inspire. Provoke Thought.

Image Credit: In Pieces

It’s clear Bryan is deeply passionate about saving these animals. “I find it very scary how often in these journeys humans have appeared on the scene and contextually in terms of a timeline, quickly and abruptly almost wiped out species through direct or indirect means.”

He then briefly talked about the Kakapo, an owl found in New Zealand that’s also on the endangered list. Despite it being an animal that evolved without the presence of predators, he explained that it’s getting wiped out by hunting and pest control. “It’s extremely sad.” he said.

Last Words

Image Credit: In Pieces

When I asked Bryan what we can do to improve the situation, he said that he believes awareness is crucial. “The reason I showcased this group is that many visitors won’t even know of their existence. So just for these causes to be known is important because there are great efforts out there. Outside this, I’m no expert so I can only help and advise in the area I know — creating digital projects which highlight these kinds of things.”

In Pieces is going out with a bang. Learn more about these endangered species and find out how you can do more to raise awareness here.

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