We'll never get sick of playing our favourite childhood game, and this Google Maps version will only make it harder for us to give it up.

Liang Hwei  |  Singapore
Published 2015-04-02 16:00:41

If you’re up-to-date with the latest April Fools’ Day pranks that Google gifts to us every year, then you would know that this year, Google Maps has been turned into a massive playground for Pacman.

The problem with Google Maps Pacman is that there are very specific places in which you can play it. So based on the proximity of roads from one another (places with roads spaced too far apart aren’t a lot of fun), we’ve compiled a list of the best places around Singapore to play Pacman in! Think about that the next time you drive through these places.

1. Chinatown

A great place to start! The roads are wide and boxy enough for easy playing.

Chinatown Pacman

2. Tanjong Rhu

This may look easy, but those little corners will get you for sure.

Tanjong Rhu

3. Bedok

The neatest option of the group, with tons of hiding spots to escape those monsters.


4. Changi Airport

Look at all those loops!

Changi Airport

5. Little India

Nice, neat little squares that will make you think of those little shophouses as you escape the monsters.

little india

6. Clarke Quay

Play straight across the bridge, or take any of the roads leading out of the screen. Where will they lead you? No idea, but that’s the best part of it!

clarke quay

7. Fort Canning

Also known as “Boss Level”.

Fort Canning

8. Jurong East

This area just north of GEM has these great little pockets that can be pretty tricky, so watch out!

Jurong East

9. National Junior College

Literally playing through crop circles.


10. Bukit Batok

Just because the space looks like a spaceship.

Bukit Batok

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