What better way to show off the Singaporean spirit than by donning one of these extremely Singaporean items?

Liang Hwei  |  Singapore
Published 2015-04-21 18:21:29

With Singapore’s SG50 celebrations in full swing, we all want to play our part and wear our Singaporean culture proudly. But the Singaporean culture is much more than just wearing red and white, or even pink, as some people have stylised.

Here are 10 brands to shop from to make sure that you’re ‘sibei Singaporean’. Sure can one lah. 

1. Temasek Clothings

The cheekily named Temasek Clothings went viral recently for their rendition of Singapore celebrity puns, like The Sam Pillows and Pierre Cai Png, but they’re more well known for their awesome collection of T-shirts. From the CNY-appropriate “Seven Lontongs” to “That’s what Zubir Said”, their Tshirts are punny and are sure to start up a conversation with your fellow Singaporean.

Image Credit: Temasek Clothings

The latest addition to their Tshirt collection? “Stunned Like Vegetable”. You’re welcome.

Image Credit: Temasek Clothings

2. Roadside Stall

The name of the store says it all: it is something for Singaporeans of all types and from all backgrounds. After all, we all do go through similar troubles, like suffering from the same haze, struggling with the same housing prices, even hoping to get lucky from the same 4D.

roadside stall
Image Credit: Roadside Stall

And if you’re a proud parent of a very Singaporean baby, you can let people know how they like their milk — gau or siew dai?

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 3.38.36 PM
Image Credit: Roadside Stall

3. Mini Asian Chef

Food is a huge part of Singaporean culture, and we all love the same snacks and delicacies. What better way to show our love for Singapore food than to wear them as accessories? These earrings and pins made of polymer clay are delicious and almost edible, though I would strongly refrain from licking the pineapple tarts.

Image Credit: Mini Asian Chef
Image Credit: Mini Asian Chef
Image Credit: Mini Asian Chef

4. Angkukueh Girl

This adorable label has its own range of cartoon characters named after some of our favourite Singaporean foods like Angkukueh Girl, Curry Puff Boy, and Kueh Lapis Girl, but their food-inspired pouches are a must-have for a Singaporean getup. They only have Png Kueh and Ang Ku Kueh so far, but the embroidery on these pouches have amazing detail.

Image Credit: Angkukueh Girl

Anyone knows what the Chinese character on the Png Kueh says?

Image Credit: Angkukueh Girl

5. Wet Tee Shirt

For all the inside jokes you ever needed on a T-shirt, look to Wet Tee Shirt. With all the latest Singapore jokes and trends immortalised onto T-shirts, there really isn’t anything else you need to decipher the Singaporeans from the imposters.

Don’t get it? Too bad.

stun like vegetable
Image Credit: Wet Tee Shirt
wet tee shirt
Image Credit: Wet Tee Shirt

They even have something for those #SG50ShadesOfGrey fans.

Image Credit: Wet Tee Shirt

6. When I Was Four

If you’re a sucker for nostalgia, then When I Was Four has the accessories to fit that whimsical dreamy look you have when you think back to old school days. The Kueh Lapis Sagu bag is a huge favourite, but who can resist a cute rabbit sweet pin?

Image Credit: When I Was Four
Image Credit: When I Was Four
Image Credit: When I Was Four

7. Statement

Run by two local designers, Statement’s T-shirts are just that — to make a statement. From Singlish slangs to hidden swear words, these T-shirts are for the cheekier Singaporeans with something to say.

Image Credit: Statement
Image Credit: Statement
Image Credit: Statement

8. A Good Citizen

What started as a Facebook page to joke about life in Singapore has branched out into an awesome T-shirt store. Their witty and often subversive images will definitely make your friendly neighbourhood auntie tell you off for being bad, or your friends laugh their heads off.

The not-so-vulgar T-shirt designs are pictured below.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 4.47.57 PM
Image Credit: A Good Citizen
Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 4.47.51 PM
Image Credit: A Good Citizen

9. The Little Drom Store

Every Singaporean deserves an award; whether you’re a kanchiong spider, or a chao ah beng, we all deserve a little badge of honour to show off the superpower that only our fellow Singaporeans will understand.

The Little Drom Store creates adorable pins and accessories for every type of Singaporean out there. Wear it on your collar or as a brooch, and show everyone just how Singaporean you are.

Image Credit: The Little Drom Store
Image Credit: The Little Drom Store
Image Credit: The Little Drom Store

10. Shu Han Lee

Shu Han Lee is a graphic designer that really knows her food. She started out creating useful designs to educate the masses about kuehs and different types of noodles, and has since begun printing her popular designs onto tote bags and selling them on Naiise.

Her designs are as informative as they are delicious.

Image Credit: Shu Han Lee
Image Credit: Shu Han Lee

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