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Published 2013-11-27 09:15:42

Death is usually a sensitive issue and we don’t really cover them on Vulcan Post. However, when there is a death cause by an iPhone, we think it’s worth spreading the words.

Originally reported by Dailynews, a 28 year old Thai man from Chanthaburi province was found dead laying on the floor talking on his iPhone while it was charging.

Map of Thailand highlighting Chanthaburi Province
Map of Thailand highlighting Chanthaburi Province

Chanthaburi is a province of Thailand. It is located in the east of Thailand.

Here’s the recount of the story as reported by technology blog Tech in Asia:

“The police were called by the victim’s father to the house and found a body of a 28-year-old man laying on the floor, topless with red short pants. In his left hand he was holding a black iPhone 4S connected to a charger that was in the power outlet. Local police suspect that the deceased was using the phone in bed while he was falling asleep. A burn was found on the left side of his chest, and the left hand that was holding the iPhone was burnt to the extent that his skin had stuck to it. The young man’s father said that normally his son goes to bed around 11pm. He usually sleeps on the floor without a shirt, just as he was found. The father said he could hear his son making noises but thought he was just sleep-walking. Then in the morning, the father went into his young man’s room and found him dead.”

iphone electrocute thailand

The cause of death is suspected to be electrocution via the phone charger.

Tech in Asia also wrote that there is no confirmation whether the iPhone charger and cable were genuine or fake, but photos supplied to Thailand’s Dailynews site revealed that the iPhone’s wall plug is blue, which means it’s not a standard-issue iPhone charger – always a dangerous thing.

So if you are looking to save some extra dollars on your smartphone accessories, think again. You might be buying a faulty item which might be bad news for you.

Earlier in March this year too, there was also a separate case where an iPhone 5 user in Thailand claims that his two-month old phone exploded while he was on a call. The phone owner, Suwicha Auesomsaksakul, had been holding his 32GB black iPhone 5 to his ear for only 30 seconds when “he felt that the handset was getting hot and saw smoke coming out of it”.

Auesomsaksakul threw the phone on the floor following which it exploded like a fire cracker, four times, with the phone’s Home button showing burn marks.

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