This latest cat simulator is a gift from the feline gods, so go on, relish in the destruction and chaos that you create.

Liang Hwei  |  Singapore
Published 2015-05-19 13:00:51

So you have a cat, and for some annoying reason, your cat likes to wake you up at 3am in the morning. You’re sleep-deprived, frustrated, and annoyed at your stupid — or garbage — cat for making a mess out of your life. How do you cope with that?

Well, by making a game out of it, of course!

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 10.01.16 AM

My Garbage Cat Wakes Me Up At 3am Every Day is a gift sent from the feline gods for cat lovers/haters everywhere, and is a dedication from Will Herring to his “garbage cat”. Controlling an innocent-looking cat, you can meow and yowl through the night, knead your owner as he sleeps heavily in his bed, and wreck his room by going left and right and jumping on anything you can get your paws on.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 9.59.19 AM

The objective: to completely deplete your owner’s sleep meter and wake him up.

Every cat owner will nod in agreement at the cat’s final triumph, as its owner groans in defeat: “Okay, you win. I’m up. I’m up now. Why are you this way. You are a true trash cat.”

This game is like an 8-bit version of Catlateral Damage, a first-person (or first-cat) game where, as a cat, you jump and swipe at items in a 3D bedroom. Both cat simulators share the objective of seemingly every cat: relish in the destruction and chaos that you create, with no time limit or restrictions whatsoever — the room is your oyster, destroy it however you wish.

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