Whether you prefer minimalist designs, eclectic spaces or café-inspired living areas, these Singapore homes are a sight to behold.

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Published 2015-05-19 10:00:51

Airbnb has no doubt changed the way some people travel. Instead of hotels, travellers are checking Airbnb listings first, largely due to its affordability and homey, off the tourist track quality.

What’s more, it’s a great way to check out interesting homes that are designed with a personal touch, not just for travellers but for homeowners who are looking at designing their new home.Here are 10 Airbnb-worthy homes that met our criteria of having interesting concepts, character and culture.

1. Eng Kong Terrace

Interior Designer: FSI

We will be very happy checking into this luxurious and spacious property. The concrete walls plus marble flooring and countertops set the stage for a relaxing environment, which is then elevated by fine art pieces and colourful furnishings.






2. Loft @ Stevens (Condo, 110sqm)

Interior Designer: Lu+C Studio

This 2-bedroom loft is sleek and sophisticated in its own right. It will make a great lodging for young couples who appreciate a stylish design that’s worthy of a prestigious neighbourhood.





3. Woo Mon Chew (Condo)

Interior Designer: Three-D Conceptwerke

The East has a lot to offer to tourists who enjoy good food and culture. This apartment lives it up by blending natural wood and contemporary furnishings into an overall industrial look, to achieve that old yet charming vibe.






4. Khatib (HDB, 163sqm)

Interior Designer: Dezzo

For minimalists, this flat is as austere as one can get. For one, cove lightings are used in place of the usual exposed bulbs. The homeowners didn’t even want featured walls, and had no need for bulky cabinetry. This is a true role model for a clutter-free life.





5. Tiong Bahru (HDB, 115sqm)

Interior Designer: Habit

It seems like simple living is winning urban dwellers over. With their young child in mind, the homeowners kept their living space free for playtime. Several walls were hacked away to create an open concept, and a distinctive set of tiles was used to partition the space instead.

6. Haig Road (Condo, 167sqm)

Interior Designer: The Association

It looks like Scandinavian homes are a favourite amongst Airbnb users, and this condo apartment helps us see its appeal. Resembling a loft, the space is airy and café-inspired; it will definitely make a nice holiday home.






7. Sentosa Ocean Front (Condo)

Interior Designer: One Stop Concept

An elegant retreat for the glamourous, this entire apartment is customised and fully furnished with contemporary works. Yes, it’s swanky, but you don’t have to be an expert to admire the details.






8. Kampong Java (Landed, 232sqm)

Interior Designer: Linear Space Concept

Channelling an upscale kampong spirit, this landed property unifies contemporary and heritage with good taste. It’s certainly a unique gem in its lush neighbourhood and beyond.






9. Bukit Batok (HDB, 103sqm)

Interior Designer: M3

A bookshelf with a mix of home décor items, and travel, history and arty books? That screams Airbnb all over. But what sealed the deal for us is the clever use of unique floor tiles to break the monotony of a cemented floor.

10. Woodlands (HDB, 149sqm)

Interior Designer: Prozfile

There may be a lot going on in this HDB flat, but everything seems to fall into its rightful place. One thing’s for sure; you will not get bored exploring this eclectic home. In fact, you may just get lost admiring its various parts, from one-of-a-kind shelving ideas to hard-to-ignore lightings; there’re even cool surprises in the bathroom.

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