Planning a wedding and don't know where to start? Don't worry, we've got you covered with these Instagram accounts.

Jean Khoo  |  Singapore
Published 2015-05-27 16:37:27

Not all of us are naturally creative. It’s sad but true.

When it comes to planning a wedding, it helps to have a rough idea of what you envision your special day to be. This is also helpful for your wedding planner who will then turn your visions into reality. After all, most brides want their day to be perfect but ‘perfect’ is so subjective.

Without the theme or overall ambiance of your wedding in mind, your other half and the wedding planners will not be able to fulfill your expectations. That’s when your inner ‘bridezilla’ will no doubt appear.

So for all the love birds out there who want some inspiration, these Instagram accounts could help you attain that Eureka moment and then you can tell your future spouse, “Aha! This is what we should do!”


Image Credit: @
Image Credit: @theleiroa

Based in Penang, theleiora is a wedding photography company founded by Shaupix Achmad. Their Instagram feed is filled with stunning Malay wedding photographs, hennya designs, bridal heels, antique buildings, and other goodies.


Image Credit: @wishingtre3
Image Credit: @wishingtre3

Wishing Tree was founded as a flower shop, providing customised floral designs as well as decorating services with different kind of local and international flowers. Now they focus on creating flower decorations for weddings and corporate events. Other than flower designs, you will also come across snippets of happy wedded couples.

Edwin Tan

Image Credit: @EdwinTan

Edwin’s career as a wedding photographer started at the end of year 2007. His Instagram consists of wedding photographs full of colour, soul, and happy couples at different cities in the world.

Bridal Musings

Image Credit: @BridalMussings
Image Credit: @BridalMussings

You may have heard of Bridal Musings, which is the site where most girls log on to for wedding ideas and inspiration. The Instagram account is pretty girly, in a sense that the account consists of chic and luxurious shots, with all the diamon jewellery, silk and lace; probably because the founder herself, Elizabeth Muhmood Kane has a thing for all things romantic and sweet.


Image Credit: @partyidees
Image Credit: @partyidees

We are well aware that this article is about wedding inspirations, but we just had to include Party Idees because they have themed-party styling ideas which could help you to customise your ideal wedding. This Sabah-based company consists of stylists, designers and event coordinators who make sure that your event goes according to planned.


Image Credit: @Tullemag

A spin off from Tulle, a digital publication and lifestyle blog specially catered to the modern bride. What we like about this Instagram account is that it’s always so on point with pastel colours as its theme.

The Knot

Image Credit: @theknot
Image Credit: @theknot

The Knot is another account that you should follow if you’re a sucker for beautiful wedding shots. Their feed mostly consists of wedding dresses, lots of bouquets, and even proposal pictures which can be used for wedding proposal ideas!

Wedding Sparrow

Image Credit: @weddingsparrow
Image Credit: @weddingsparrow

A UK-based fine art wedding blog that specialises in featuring film photography and fine art weddings. The account will give you a feast for the eyes with Tumblr-esque pretty pictures of white wedding dresses, flower bouquets and wedding shots taken at the green country side.


Image Credit: @story_of_us
Image Credit: @story_of_us

While this account doesn’t really focus on weddings per se, however their artwork and designs of different kinds of invitation cards are great to look for inspirations for wedding invitation cards.


Image Credit: @storiesmy
Image Credit: @storiesmy

Based in Kuala Lumpur, the founder of Stories.my, Grace is a lover of weddings, families and children. Follow their account which takes you behind and in front of all the gorgeous photographs that they shoot.

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