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The startup journey is not an easy one, and if anyone tells you otherwise, they’re lying.

Other than skills and experiences, supportive friends and family, and a strong team of co-founders, accelerator programs could possibly give startups the boost that they need to get ahead. WatchTower and Friends (WTF) is one such company, who teamed up with the Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator Programme, to assist startup companies and their founders with their startup jouney via 4 months of intensive training with mentors and associates.

Just last week, CLLA-WTF released the pioneer batch of their Accelerator Programme and those 7 startups took to the stage for the CLLA-WTF Demo Day to present their work to potential investors. Vulcan Post was privileged to attend the event and witness the presentation of these hopeful startups. Here are the 7 startups!

Image Credit: WatchTower and Friends

1. BUSttle


This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about BUSttle, the eco-friendly ride-sharing app which transports users within a small geographical area. Launched in Cyberjaya last month, the team at BUSttle is very proud of serving 720 riders so far (out of 1000 registered members) with an impressive 67% of repeat customers. BUSttle makes it known that they are certainly unlike other transportation apps like Uber as they charge a flat rate of RM5 and users will share the eco-friendly vehicle with other riders. BUSttle currently only operate in Cyberjaya but many users have requested the team to expand their services to other areas.



DEXT offers a solution for customers who are in search of reliable and skilled financial agents. Users can search for financial agents by using their search engine and detailed filters (location, rating, product characteristics, experience) to match with agents. What’s interesting about DEXT is that they create personality profiles for each financial agent so users can select agents based on their respective attributes. DEXT also incorporates a gamification feature so that agents can earn points based on their performance.

3. LYL

LYL Technology places their focus on a large group of people in Malaysia and Singapore who are usually left out in the advancement of technology—the migrants from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan, India, and the Philippines. LYL partners with content providers, music labels, radio and television channels to produce mobile apps which caters to enriching the lifestyle of migrants. They are currently working on developing music streaming apps for Bangladeshi and Indonesian migrants so that they too can enjoy entertainment that they can relate to.

4. MakanSharing


Two kinds of people would love what MakanSharing is all about—chefs/cooks, and foodies. MakanSharing is an online e-commerce marketplace which connects chefs with foodies in a private kitchen and dining space. This service isn’t just for professional chefs, it is also for home cooks who want to showcase their skills, or those who want to simply share their home cooked food with food lovers who would appreciate them. MakanSharing puts a very personal touch to the world of cooking and eating which both chefs and foodies would enjoy.

5. MoneyMatch


We recently wrote about Currenseek, an app which helps users to locate the best exchange rates; MoneyMatch, however, is an entirely different ball game. MoneyMatch is a mobile peer-to-peer currency exchange platform which removes the need for banks and money changers. Users can use MoneyMatch to buy or sell currencies with other users and save money in the process by eliminating the middle man.

One main concern would be the issue of security, which is of course a common problem in matters that involve money. In a brief exchange with the co-founders of MoneyMatch, they mentioned that in the future, users would have to register an account on MoneyMatch with a social account (Facebook would very likely be one of the options) so that there is an additional layer of security. It is without saying that users should also use common sense to ensure the transaction is carried out in a public area and not in some quiet dark alley.

6. ScholarDeck


While SCHOLARSTories provides tips and guides for students to hack their way to applying for scholarships based on the experiences of successful applicants, ScholarDeck aims to be the one-stop platform for Malaysian students so that they can easily discover and apply for scholarships. We’ve covered ScholarDeck in March this year and since then, they’ve added more scholarships into their listing. This website is specially made for students, by students; fun fact: the two co-founders who developed the ScholarDeck website are self-taught coders!

7. The Lorry

the lorry

We listed The Lorry as one of the startups that will allow you to live a life of leisure in Malaysia and that is exactly what it has been doing. The Lorry is a website which allows individuals and companies to book a lorry effortlessly. The Lorry provides at least 5 quotations from different lorry providers who are reputable and experienced. The team prides themselves on instant and guaranteed quotation (no hidden charges, no additional fees), their extensive vendor network, and a safe and secure transportation of goods to their destination.

Batch #2 of the Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator Programme with WatchTower and Friends is currently underway with another 7 startups. We look forward to what they will bring to the startup scene!

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