Jack Drops His iPhone 6 So We Don’t Have To, And Other Drop Tests

Yesterday, the iPhone 6 hit the stores, with many people in Singapore hitting stores to collect their pre-ordered iPhone 6 and 6 Plus early. According to The Straits Times, friends Justin Chow, 28 and Jessica Koh, 26 even arrived at 5.45am at the Singtel event to queue for the phone despite having made preorders already. But Singapore wasn’t the only country with excited fans getting their hands on the iPhones.

This video of the first guy to get an iPhone 6 in Perth, Australia went viral yesterday as it made people around the world cringe in horror. Jack Cooksey, while being interviewed on the local channel 9 news, attempted to open the box on live television, when the brand new coveted iPhone 6 fell and made a sickening crack on the sidewalk.

It’s unclear whether the phone suffered any severe damage, but it was enough to rile the crowd to gasp in horror. I personally shrieked when I heard the phone hit the concrete floor.

However, it’s possible that the phone is actually unscathed. Android Authority has released their own video of an drop test for both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. The results are impressive – despite a few scuff marks, the glass on both phones stay uncracked and intact, despite being dropped from varying angles.

However, various other people have done their own versions of the drop test since then, all of which result in impressive and unfortunate shatters when dropped on its edge. You can even see bits of glass flying in the next video from the poor, unsuspecting iPhone 6 Plus. Perhaps Android Authority was lucky?

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus both sport ionized-strengthened glass which is said to be scratch-proof. However, it is obviously not shatterproof, which makes the ionized-strengthened glass seem a far cry from the Sapphire glass everyone had hoped for.

At least we know now that we can’t rely on iPhone’s ‘super glass’, and that we should be more careful when we finally get our hands on the iPhone 6, lest we end up like poor Jack.

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