If you need that extra push in the morning to wake up, give these 5 alarms a try!

Jean Khoo  |  Singapore
Published 2015-06-23 13:17:13

The struggle of getting up in the morning is real. I remember vividly the tiresome affair I had when I was still a student and I had to wake up early in the morning to attend my 8 am classes. Some even  had to wake up much much earlier especially if they stayed far away from the campus.

Here we have sorted out these creative and fun alarm clock apps. Instead of waking up with your phone’s built-in alarm app, we’re hoping that these alarms would kick start your day in a less boring way and we assure you that you would definitely wake up in the morning.

1) Morning Routine

Price: Free (Android)

To turn off the alarm, you can either go for the standard choice which is pressing the button, or you could opt to scan a barcode. If you choose the option of scanning a barcode, you would have to get out of your bed and scan the barcode of items around your house.

That being said, you could just sleep with a cereal box next to your bed so that you could turn off the alarm if you still need to nap.

2) Wake N Shake

Price: $1.99 (iOS)

The alarm app forces you to wake up and shake off your phone to quiet it because if you don’t do so, it will keep ringing. According to a recent update, the app includes a competitive layer whereby you can challenge your friends to wake up earlier and earn achievements.

This app may sound evil, but who knows, you may find yourself growing a pair of muscular arms.

3) Shake-it Alarm

Price: Free (Android)

If you’re up for a challenge, this is the best alarm for you. You wouldn’t be able to snooze the alarm, decrease the volume of the alarm and you wouldn’t be able to switch off your phone either.

As the name suggests, it’s a shake-it alarm, so the only way you can turn off the alarm is to either shake your phone continuously to turn of the alarm or you can also configure the preset users option to send a text message to an emergency contact so that if you don’t wake up, the person you assign will give you a call and wake you up.

4) AlarmMon

Price: Free (iOS and Android)

Created in Korea, this Seoul-based alarm clock app is absolutely kye-op-ta. So if you’re a fan of cute and quirky alarm options, AlarmMon is the perfect one. The virtual character in the alarm called Bready will die in an explosion if you don’t wake up on time. Apart from that, the timer and the explosion won’t not stop ringing until you turn the alarm off when by pulling down the toaster handle.

5) I Can’t Wake Up! Alarm Clock

Image Credit: http://www.topapps.net/
Image Credit: http://www.topapps.net/

Price: Free (iOS and Android)

In order to disable the alarm, you would have to complete different tasks that require you to solve mathematical equations, puzzles, playing matching games and more, or else just shake the phone vigorously. I assure you that you will be wide awake by the time you succeed in switching off the alarm.

Regardless of the type of alarm you chose, your mornings wouldn’t be the same anymore.

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