You haven't seen everything the GSS has to offer yet!

Charlene  |  Singapore
Published 2015-06-09 16:28:30

The Great Singapore Sale (GSS) kicked off just over a week ago. And if you think you’ve already seen all there is on offer — or are simply too afraid to make your way to the shops for fear of getting trampled on by the crowd — I’m glad to inform you that you’re wrong. You can get your shopping fix even without stepping out your front door.

Megafash — an online platform we previously introduced that showcases hundreds of brands — has just launched their very own version of the GSS. And this is one sale you might want to keep an eye on: 25 brands, both Singaporean and international ones, will be offering discounts of up to 50%.

Image Credit: Megafash
Daniel Wellington watches are among some of the items which are currently on sale. (Image Credit: Megafash)

Some of the bigger names which will be taking part in Megafash’s GSS include Daniel Wellington and Cheap Monday. Local favourite t-shirt brand Statement — known for their tees containing slogans like “lepak” and “eh sia la” — are also offering discounts.

Image Credit: Megafash
Image Credit: Megafash
Image Credit: Megafash

If you’re on the lookout for slightly more unique items — why buy something everyone else already has? — Megafash has got you covered too: they’ve brought on board designers from countries in the region such as Hong Kong, Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand, who will be featuring their collections throughout the sale period and beyond.

Bags, like this one from Marieandmarieshop, come from Hong Kong. (Image Credit: Megafash)
Bags, like this one from Marieandmarieshop, come from Hong Kong. (Image Credit: Megafash)

If you’ve already picked out something (or many things, as the case may be), well here’s some even better news: readers of Vulcan Post get an additional 10% off sale items on Megafash. Simply apply the discount code VP10OFF” at checkout, and you’re all set.

Megafash’s GSS will run from now till 29th July. For more promotions and deals, check out our new Readers’ Benefits tab:

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