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The land of whispers. Full of mystery. Full of the unknown.

Officially known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), North Korea is miles apart from its closest neighbor, South Korea, who pride themselves in all things public – Korean celebrities, best plastic surgeries, and even Korean cuisine that is beginning to infiltrate every corner of this earth like Sushi did.

Since a long time ago, journalists from all around the world have been trying to uncover North Korea’s dirty little secrets.

A difficult ordeal, of course.

Perhaps that one pretty recent incident that we all remember was how two US journalists were sentenced to 12 years in jail by the North Korean authorities. And apart from all the news of North Korean missiles that we have seen on US news sites, perhaps the most shocking news going around the web right now is how 30 year old Kim Jong-un had killed his powerful and dear uncle, Jang Song Thaek.

Yes, you hear right. Kim Jong-un, after succeeding his father Kim Jong-il as supreme leader of North Korea, killed his uncle.

The United States has also called for a united front against North Korea after the “ominous” execution of leader Kim Jong-Un’s uncle as South Korea put its forces on alert for any “provocations” from its nuclear-armed neighbour.

Even though “purging and killing suspected rivals or officers with wavering loyalty has been a trait of the family dynasty”, what was unusual in this execution was how it had been made publicly.

Most ironically, even though this execution was partly based on how Jang Song Thaek had caused great harm to the North Korean economy, Yun Yong Sok, a senior official in the State Economic Development Committee, mentioned that “there will be no change at all in the economic policy of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. It’s just the same as before.” Strange, but true.

And according to the Business Insider, Jang was primarily executed for allegedly trying to overthrow the government. Speculations as best as they might be though, since we can’t hear from a dead man anymore. Much less a dead man from the land of whispers and mysteries.

And speculations can only bring us as far as to wonder how these North Korean children became so good at the guitar.

The Great Escape

With all these happening in North Korea, it is no wonder that people are trying all means and ways to escape. Here’s one brave young lady who managed to do so. In her words, “I thought my country was best … I always wondered why they (China) had lights but we didn’t.”

Even though Ms Hyeonseo Lee now lives in South Korea and is an activist for North Korean refugees, her public appearances never lured the North Korean authorities to track her down. And after 14 years, she is finally reunited with her family again. It seems like all things that come to light will receive the protection of an unknown force.

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