Here's an easy way to make your Instagram memories permanent: print them.

Priscilla Tan  |  Singapore
Published 2015-06-12 13:00:30

Instagram has gotten a face lift. Earlier this week, The Verge reported that the photo-sharing social network service has gone with the minimalist approach, launching updated website and mobile versions with bigger-sized photos:

The new layout of the web version of Instagram.
The new layout of the web version of Instagram.

Speaking of photos, many of us are skipping film/polaroid cameras these days, printing photos directly from Instagram instead. It’s not hard to see why Instagram prints have gotten so popular over the years: the platform offers tons of filters, and they work so well that every photo comes out looking like a million dollar shot.

If you, too, are keen on making your Instagram memories permanent, look no further — here are the best places to get your Instagram shots printed in Singapore.

1. Crafted Prints

Image Credit: Crafted Prints

Crafted Prints was made for vintage lovers. The print boutique takes their craft seriously, offering your photos added protection with their premium matte lamination treatment. This means you no longer have to worry about ruining your photos, even if you somehow manage to get them sopping wet.

Founded by a group of product designers and engineers, the photo printing startup also allows users to print their photos onto items like pocketbooks, magnets and photo holders, which make for ideal gifts. One of the reasons why Crafted Prints is considered one of the top Instagram printing businesses in Singapore, is because they avoid mass-printing. This ensures that each photo is printed with care, and that adequate attention is paid to the details in each print.

2. InstaprintSG

Image Credit: InstaprintSG

InstaprintSG is an Instagram printing and live feed company created by self-professed #hashtaglovingbuddies Mervin and Roy. It was built with one goal, and that is to curate hashtagged images from social media sites, transforming them into real-time live feeds. This makes their service ideal for occasions such as birthday parties, weddings and corporate events: hosts can gather photos taken by guests simply with the use of a dedicated event hashtag, and display photos on screens for the viewing pleasure of attendees.

Printing photos via InstaprintSG is as easy as it gets: guests and users simply need to tag photos with the designated event hashtag, and Instaprint’s printers will automatically produce a Polaroid-style photo in under 12 seconds.


Image Credit: SPARK Asia

As SPARK’s homepage proclaims, you can’t put a price on memories — which is why you won’t have to pay for your photos when you print them with this startup. All they ask for, in return, is that you allow them to print advertisements on the backs of your photos — a small price, considering no one really pays attention to that side of photos anyway.

And it’s a win-win concept: since the back of photos are used as advertising space, advertisers pay for them, which explains how SPARK can print photos for you for free. Think of it as a sponsorship from The Hunger Games — you get free photos and attractive promotions.

If the name looks familiar, that’s because we wrote about them back in March. And if you need another reason to check out this photo printing startup, here’s one: the team behind SPARK is a rather witty bunch (when I clicked on the FAQ section, this message popped up: What Frequently Asked Questions? There’s none).

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