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The Singaporean Team had recently put Singaporean celebrities through the TwinsOrNot.net test, which is the system that powers How-Old.net. By taking two photos, the tool enables users to take two different photos and it assesses how similar two people are in terms of facial features by giving a score from 0 to a 100.

So we decided to test the website with some popular figures in Malaysia and see how accurate the results are.

1. Najib Razak and Abdul Razak Hussein

First off, of course we had to get started with the Prime Minister of our country, and his father. And it seems like the tool is doing well on this first attempt.


2. Karpal Singh and Gobind Singh Deo

Next up, we compare one of the famous father-son duo in the Malaysian political scene. I expected the score to be a little big higher, although it’s only 61%; but so far so good, the tool still can tell that both of them are definitely related.


3. Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng

Speaking of well-known father and son, how could I possibly missed out the Chief Minister of Penang? In this case, CM Lim definitely bears a resemblance to his father.


4. Dr Mahathir and Marina Mahathir

Dr Mahathir and his daughter share many similarities, they are both very vocal in their opinions and they do not back down easily from any challenge. Basically, these are two people you do not want to mess with. However it seems that they only share most of their common ground in terms of their character as they didn’t even reach a 50% score.


5. Wan Azizah and Nurul Izzah Anwar

Mother and daughter. You’d think that these two ladies would score a higher percentage because they both have such small and petite frames but surprisingly, their twin score is only 31%.


6. Anwar Ibrahim and Nurul Izzah Anwar

Perhaps Nurul Izzah got most of her looks from her father instead of her mother? Not according to this result! They’re apparently not from the same planet 🙁


7. Anwar Ibrahim and Wan Azizah

They say that husbands and wives start to look alike after being married for many years. So we decided to try out this power couple, but turns out the results are not that convincing.


8. Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor

If you thought that last result was bad, here are the results of Najib and Rosmah!


9. Khairy Jamaluddin and his young son

Their score now is quite low, but we have faith that one day, his son will grow up to be just like his father—”tall, dark, and hensem”.


10. Nicholas Teo and Kim Jaewon

Now we take a look at the entertainment scene in Malaysia. Nicholas Teo, or you may know him as Zhang Dong Liang. I’ve always suspected that they are related, and now I really do think that they are twins from different countries.


11. Michelle Yeoh and Aung San Suu Kyi

Michelle played as Aung San Suu Kyi in the movie called The Lady (2011). Their score may be low but in terms of Michelle’s powerful performance and depiction of Aung San Suu Kyi, casting her was definitely the right decision.


12. Lee Chong Wei and Jay Park 

Perhaps if Lee Chong Wei decides to retire from badminton, he could go into modelling or acting. He looks eerily similar to Jay Park! Hey fangirls, #sorrynotsorry.


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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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