A brother-sister team sets out with big goals to bring a new concept of dining to Malaysian chefs, foodies, and dining hosts.

Ajay Madhukar  |  Singapore
Published 2015-06-11 15:22:12

If you’re on your way home from a busy day at work and you find your sense of smell being seduced by an ambrosial breeze of freshly cooked food, chances are that you’re passing by one of MakanSharing’s dining hosts.

Well, at least that’s one vision that the founders of MakanSharing have for their newly created tech platform that surrounds the idea of the word Makan — and that is to eat.

These days, many inspiring startups look to use technology as an advent to spice up common experiences, and MakanSharing is no different. MakanSharing is a platform that unites food lovers with home cooks and budding chefs, or basically pretty much anyone that’s willing to cook for a group of people.

Interested cooks can register on the platform and they are allowed to set up their own menu, their location and then host the event. Once an event is set up by the chef, the registered foodies on MakanSharing get to experience something that’s new and unique.

Image Credit: Makan Sharing
Image Credit: Makan Sharing

The team at MakanSharing conducts interviews with potential chefs to validate their credentials and to also ensure that their private kitchen doesn’t end up in flames. The last thing anyone would want is to pay for dinner and then ending up getting rescued by a team of firemen.

Sibling Power

Founded by a duo of two siblings, Naysan Munusamy (C.E.O) and Mylini Munusamy (C.O.O), MakanSharing has been operational since early May. Naysan has transformed half of his house into a private kitchen and a dining area that can cater to an approximate size of about 30 people.

Currently, his house is being used as a proof of concept and they hope that soon other individuals will be enthusiastic about the idea of becoming dining hosts on MakanSharing.

Image Credit: Makan Sharing
Image Credit: Makan Sharing

Becoming a dining host on MakanSharing doesn’t have any upfront costs and the premise is to open up space for users of the platform in return for money.

Both the founders hope that the Malaysian crowd will use the platform extensively and they also hope that they may expand to a point where they could even deliver freshly cooked meals to their users.

Satisfying Everyone For A Triple Win

While the premise of the idea is to build a healthy platform for food lovers and home cooks, MakanSharing still has a lot of bolts and screws that they need to tighten up.

I’m more concerned about how they will be able to generate, foster and maintain interest of the three consumer groups — the cooks, foodies and the dining hosts (in the future) all at the same time. Each consumer group will have their own needs and it does take great skill to keep them all satisfied.

I assume that the cooks are looking for a way to better their craft while being motivated by a new source of income. Food lovers may try out the platform to quench their hunger for something new and eventually dining hosts may find the idea of opening up their space for others to be a lucrative option.

Image Credit: Makan Sharing
Image Credit: Makan Sharing

The Importance Of Sustainability

But the question still remains: For how long?

Would MakanSharing ever become the Airbnb for food lovers?

These are questions that can only be answered in time and only the constant inflow of new chefs and new dining places will help MakanSharing to stay current so that users will not just use it once or twice and then move on to the next new fad.

We have to admit that times are continually changing and the need for instant satisfaction is very, very real. The success of MakanSharing in my mind depends on how quickly they can adapt to the changing behavior of their consumers and the brand they build around the idea of private kitchens.

MakanSharing’s first ever event hosted!! Hooray!!

A photo posted by MakanSharing (@makansharing) on

If they are able to build a strong brand and expand their clientele of food lovers to a decent size within the next 6 to 8 months, then they will be able to truly disrupt the way good food is catered to those who truly love and appreciate it.

We will just have to wait and see how much a disruption Makan Sharing can be to the status quo.

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