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Published 2013-12-09 00:29:30

One of the biggest news trending on the Singapore social media landscape now is the Singapore Little India Riot.

Here’s the report from Straits Times, the country’s main newspaper:

At least three busloads of police officers in riot gear responded to a riot that broke out along Race Course Road around 10pm on Sunday night. The mob believed to be made up mainly of foreign workers apparently attacked an ambulance and a traffic police highway patrol car responding to an accident earlier in the vicinity.

The Straits Times understands that a Bangladeshi worker was hit by a bus earlier and first responders were believed to be attending to the victim when the riot started.

At least two vehicles were set on fire. According to preliminary reports from the ground, one of the vehicles on fire is an ambulance on fire. Also a few police cars were overturned and one was set on fire.

Source: Jerald Justin
Source: Jerald Justin

little india riot

While this incident is surely going to open up a new chapter in Singapore’s history, it’s sad that there are some netizens who are linking the incident to racial jokes:

Seriously guys, not cool at all.

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