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Published 2013-12-11 09:20:30

Have you ever came across instances where you bought an item, but soon after, realized that you could have purchased it at a cheaper price with an ongoing promotion?

This was exactly what happened to Soh Zi Haur when looking around to purchase movie tickets in Singapore. Song was frustrated with the lack of information to get the cheapest movie tickets. To make things more confusing, weekend rates at local cinemas are at different pricing tiers too.

“So I bought this movie ticket and then later found out that I could have gotten it cheaper if I used another promotion. There are so many different promotions with different pricings too!”, Soh told Vulcan Post.

That’s when he took matters to his hand and tabulated all the different movie tickets pricing into an easy to read table, and called it the Singapore Cinemas Standard 2D Ticket Pricing Cheat Sheet:

cathay pricing sheet
Cathay ticket pricing sheet (Click to enlarge)


GV Pricing Sheet
Golden Village Ticket Pricing Sheet (Click To Enlarge)


Shaw Pricing Sheet
Shaw Ticket Pricing Sheet (Click To Enlarge)


Filmgarde Movie Ticket sheet
Filmgarde Movie Ticket sheet (Click To Enlarge)


A quick look at the different pricing tiers, for normal tickets, weekend prices can be 30% more expensive that weekday showtimes.

If you were to purchase movie tickets using your bank merchant cards, you can enjoy ticket savings up to 25%, during weekdays and weekends.

The updated version of the price list is here in this Google Document.

Hat Tip to Soh for coming out with this handy list!

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