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Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Jenn Chia, or also known as So I’m Jenn is an indie-pop singer-songwriter who was first discovered via YouTube in 2009. She is also the lead singer for local band Kiss Kill Mary. This cheerful and bubbly YouTuber has produced content for Disney, Nestle, and Castrol amongst other brands before her YouTube career. Currently, she’s also a freelance copywriter/producer, emcee, singer and a voice-over talent.

Since her she kick-started her YouTube channel, Jenn has performed at various venues including opening for intern​ational YouTubers, such as Jayeslee and David Choi. Cheerful, bubbly, yet deep, her music sets the tone for a lovely and joyful perfor​mance.

This week, we got the privilege to talk to Jenn about her love for fitness, and asked her for some health-related tips.

so i'm jenn

What fitness related mobile apps do you use?

Yes. I use the Garmin Fit that is connected to my VivoFit2; every now and then I use it to track my progress. It’s a cool app to remind yourself of your accomplishments and it feels glorious when you watch the progress graph escalating.

Do you watch Youtube videos to work out? If yes, which YouTubers do you subscribe to/watch?

I read fitness articles more than I watch YouTube videos; but one fitness YouTuber I’m inspired by and subscribe to is fellow Malaysian, Joanna Soh. I love her energy as well as her workout programs: a good blend of fun and challenge.

What is your fitness mantra?

Train like a beast to eat like a king (FYI, I love food. Too much.).

so i'm jenn

Tell me what are the gadgets you use while working out.

I’m not a gadget-y person when it comes to working out; the only item I would consider a gadget is my Vivofit2 band.

What is your favourite website/app for healthy recipes?

I wish I can answer you; but I don’t really eat healthy/clean… Oops. I love to eat anything and everything (Refer to Question 3 – My Mantra). I do enjoy cooking and dogs.

No, not cooking dogs; but Cooking With Dog (a Japanese YouTube Cooking Channel) where I get inspiration to cook Japanese fusion cuisine. It’s a cooking show where a friendly woman cooks whilst having her dog accompanying her. Check it out. It’s hilarious and enlightening.


Any words of encouragement to fitness lovers/people who want to get healthy?

Train like a beast to eat like a king (Jenn, 2015).

All images are credited to Jenn Chia.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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