If you're ever running out of time or if you're feeling extremely lazy, you can rely on these services to run your errands/chores for you!

Ajay Madhukar  |  Singapore
Published 2015-07-02 17:31:21

We live in a world where we constantly have to respond to the demands of our work, family and others, and often we don’t have enough time left to deal with what we want.

Each day we have less and less time for ourselves because we get engrossed in the demands of everyday life and we often wonder about having either extra time or an extra pair of hands to deal with things.

While we may never see a day with more hours or we will never magically grow an extra pair of functional hands—here are a few services that can help you get your stuff done and done well.

1. Be Malas

Image Credit: Be Malas
Image Credit: Be Malas

Be Malas or Be Lazee as the name suggests aims to help you do exactly that–Be lazy. You can text drop them a text requesting them to get you anything you want, anytime and from anywhere. Their team of highly trained concierges will get on the task and ensure that you’re thoroughly satisfied.

They charge a base fee of RM25 for simple tasks but the price does increase depending on the complexity of the task. Before you receive the order, you will be informed about the total price and you will be able to pay for the service and your products through iPay 88.

2. GoGet.my

Image Credit: GoGet
Image Credit: GoGet

GoGet.my is one service that’s looking to help you get your errands done and to deliver stuff that you need. All you need to do is to create a job on the platform and a verified GoGetter will claim to get the job done.

Once the job is done and you have the item delivered to you, you can pay the GoGetter in cash and you can even give them an extra reward for helping you out.

The team verifies all of the GoGetters and they do have a screening and a training process in place to ensure that they are of quality service to you.

Currently, GoGet is still in beta and they only cover the Klang Valley at the moment.

3. Eazy Agents

Image Credit: EazyAgents
Image Credit: EazyAgents

Eazy Agents is one that’s like your own personal butler and they cater to both individuals and businesses as well. They also partner with business and individuals alike in the areas of food delivery, flower delivery, groceries delivery and the delivery of other items.

They also do venue and travel bookings for you so you don’t have to waste time searching for tickets or making reservations. Basically you get to feel like Bruce Wayne in Batman with your very own Alfred Pennyworth.

4. Helpr

Image Credit: Helprnow
Image Credit: Helprnow

Helpr is a hassle free virtual assistant that’s there to meet your every demand. All you have to do is to SMS them your request as long as it’s legal and they’ll get it done. If they feel that they won’t be able to get it done they will refer you to a person who can.

They can do everything from booking hotel rooms, providing you with recommendations and reservations and helping you deliver your groceries.

They do all of the physical work by googling, making phone calls, compare the best rates and also to provide you with recommendations. They can even recommend you some good options if you feel hungry but you have no idea what to eat. Does this problem sound familiar?

You can rely on few of these concierge services to be your savior every time you’re in need of an extra pair of hands, and you can get stuff done without actually being there.

However, you should note that none of these services are free and you do have to pay for them.

(Editor’s note: Though based on personal experience, Be Malas and Helpr are more than happy to help you to carry out some simple research for free. I asked them recently to find out where I can buy frozen foie gras and both services took the time to find a list of places for me, without me having to pay a single sen!)

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