The average cost of staying in a 5-star hotel in Asia is cheaper than you think.

Liang Hwei  |  Singapore
Published 2015-07-03 13:00:34

This article originally appeared on Vulcan Post

If you’re planning your next trip and are on a budget, don’t fret: you don’t necessarily have to put up with capsule beds and cramped hostels in order to maximise your stay. This is especially true in Asia, where the nightly rates for 5-star hotels are cheaper than you would think.

Popular travel search engine, KAYAK.sg, has released their findings on the average nightly cost of 5-star stays in countries across Asia. The most expensive stay (Hong Kong) is almost double that of the cheapest stay (Sri Lanka) — which might make you reconsider choosing a 5-star option.

Image Credit: Yangtse Hotel in China
Image Credit: Yangtse Hotel in China
Country Average Nightly Rate (SGD)
Sri Lanka 241
India 243
Malaysia 244
China 266
Thailand 300
Philippines 311
Vietnam 319
Macao 321
Taiwan 341
South Korea 349
Cambodia 373
Singapore 420
Indonesia 435
Hong Kong 461

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