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It was 11:30 am in the morning in sunny Singapore on July 2, which was the day WWE will be performing at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. I had the privilege to catch up with Nikki Bella—the current and second longest reigning WWE Divas champion—to ask her about her body, fitness tips, and her favourite wine garden in the world.

To be in the WWE wrestling field, there’s a lot of time commitment whereby they are often on the road travelling from city to city an average of 250-300 days a year. As a sports entertainer, Nikki definitely has what it takes to be a top WWE Divas Champion, she’s stunning, strong, and in incredible shape, which is a perfect result of effort and dedication, as she controls what she eats on her road.

“Yes, I’m a foodie. Unlike Brie, she can like stuff a burger, and looks super skinny, I stuff a burger, people would be like, ‘What happened to Nikki Bella?’ When I’m on the road, I do as best as I can, with six days, no diary, no sugar, no starch, I would also do like a protein bar before and after workout.”

However, as a self-proclaimed foodie, she definitely knows how to reward herself.

“But at the 7th day, I go all in. I wake up, and I have doughnut, and the I will go get pancakes, then I will prep a burger, I will literally make myself so sick. At the end of the day I will be like I can’t move, but I have to and it gets me right within the next 6 days. Since I’ve been doing that diet, which John (John Cena) introduced me to, it has made a biggest change in my body, as well as weight lifting, which keeps me in shape.”

Nikki Bella is known for her finisher ‘Rack Attack’, where she puts her opponent up onto her shoulders, flex the opponent’s back and then slams down to her knees with the impact of the drop. This beastly move of hers totally makes sense, considering her beau John Cena, who’s also known for training like a beast himself in the gym.

As a fan of WWE myself, I’ve watched the reality show that Nikki stars in, Total Divas. Apart of showing her love life and her relationship on and off screen, she also loves red wine.

“I have wine a lot, but I don’t counted that as sugar, I count that as like, relaxing. It’s like my method of massage, last night we came in 1am in the morning, my body was sinking, had a glass of wine, and I was ready for bed.”

Nikki also introduced to us one of the greatest place on earth to have red wine.

“If you guys have not gone to Napa Valley, you guys have to go. Go to San Francisco, the Napa Valley  [Napa Valley Winery Exchange], that is heaven on earth, the wine is amazing, the scenery, everything.”

If you’re a beginner who would like to start working out but have no idea how to start, Nikki shared her standard routine when she wants to get a good workout session.

“It would definitely be starting on elliptical for 30 minutes, it’s always a good warm up for me. My favourite is squatting, I love to squat because I’m all about the butt. And then throw in some arm because everyone loves some defined arms and shoulders. And then always end with abs. If you give 300 hundred in, you’re good to go.”

Nikki has been an athlete her whole life. Before she became a wrestler, she was a professional soccer player. One thing Nikki enjoys about her job is that she gets that fuel of competition and the excitement of performing in front of a live crowd. Wrestling is apparently way more violent than any other sport, nevertheless, Fearless Nikki is always being fearless.

“Being fearless, it’s actually created by my Bella Army when I came back from my injury. It’s weird, in the moment you never think about it. Usually people who are worried about getting injured usually get hurt. Before I go out there I never worry about it.”

In addition, she’s also adopted a motivational fitness mantra which was inspired by the love of her life, John Cena.

“This is actually funny, because he’s my man. Never give up. You can take those three words into anything you do, whether it’s faith, fighting a disease or cancer, wanting to get a certain fitness goal, weight goal, any goal in your whole life. Those three words can take you there, even true love. Those three words stick with me and it’s nice to me because I get to look at the man that proclaim the words so much everyday so it reminds me everyday to never give up. He not only talks it, he walks it, it inspires me.”

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