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I know, those eyes can kill. They mesmerize, yet somehow manage to terrorize some people as well. My cat in the picture above, for instance, is absolutely adored by my second sis but terrorizes my elder sis. As a newly throned cat owner and self-proclaimed cat lover (although this could very well be restricted to my cat alone), I now totally identify with the need for a new and increasingly popular product line – technology gadgets or software for cats.

If you belong to the bright side where my second sis and I stand, here are top 5 tech products I think you will love:

1. Eyenimal Cat Videocam

Famously coined phrase “curiosity kills the cat” clearly defines cats to have an inquisitive mind. They love exploring places, and perhaps if we humans could embark on the daring adventures that cats pursue, our minds would be a little bit more open and tolerant as well. But given how we humans can be like timid mice, the next best alternative could be to look through your cats’ eyes. And if you do want to follow your cat on adventures that only they are skinny and flexible enough to embark on, why not try this cat video camera out? Its tiny size (41x44x25mm) is small enough for it not to be in the way of your cats’ exciting journeys. It is even coupled with an integrated microphone, night vision capabilities (up to 2m) and a movement detector to stop recording when the cat sleeps. Pretty neat! One downside? The battery life lasts only up to 2h 30mins – barely enough even though cats sleep 70% of the day away.

2. HALO Mini collar

halo mini

I know people often say “not all who wander are lost”. And it’s true, cats never get lost. Paranoid pet owners are the ones who seem to think they do. And if you belong to this category, how about getting one of these cat collars that illuminate in the dark so you always know where your cat is even after you have turned off the lights? Retailing at $35, these collars are part of a whole range of products designed for people from all walks of life – skateboarders, dog lovers, party goers or just any of the cool kids down the block. Check out the whole range here. All rechargeable and waterproof!

3. Heyrex

Although originally designed for dogs, this pet monitoring device can be used to measure the vital signs of other furry animals too. Heyrex is a device worn around the animal to measure activity levels, mobility, scratching, resting patterns and sleep disturbances. Thereafter, these measurements are wirelessly transmitted to pet owners’ smart phones, computer or tablets to notify them of any abnormality. Good healthy pets and a peace of mind for US$99.00, plus a monthly monitoring fee of US$5.00 per month. Would you buy one?

4. Cat bag/ Cuddle bag

Cuddling is perhaps the number one bonding activity between a cat lover and his/her cat. And if you, for some reason, are suffering from withdrawal symptoms due to a temporary separation from your little one, there are technological gadgets to fill that gap as well. The Cat Bag / Cuddle Bag was created as part of the ‘Designing Hybrid wearables’ workshop at Mediamatic Amsterdam. This bag created by Anouk Wipprecht, David Morgan (both Netherlands), Nick Lesley (New York) & Hans Gunter Lock (Estonia), is a substitute for the comforting feeling of a cat sitting on your lap. When you stroke the bag, it will simulate breathing, warm up, and make soothing sounds. All of these things can only be felt if the bag is held close or cuddled. There are even to two LED eyes on the bag. Temporary though, I must insist. Nothing beats going home to cuddle that real cute little thing.

5. Spotify

This final one might come as a surprise, but it is my current all-time favorite trick to calm my cat’s nerves. Just like how we humans have our go-to music whenever we’re feeling down, excited, or anything in between, I’ve come to realize that cats do too. Because of my cat, Baba, I’ve been listening to so much of Ernie Halter. And thankfully, Spotify has a radio function that plays similar artists so I wouldn’t get bored every time I have to calm my cat down. Try exploring who your cat’s favorite artist is today with Spotify and you might just have a special trump card you could use every single time your cat starts scratching or biting your visitors. If all else fails, then maybe you could spend a little bit of money to buy these music specifically composed for cats.

“The only escape from the miseries of life are music and cats…” – Albert Schweitzer – or both.

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