Participants not only can have greater interaction with the speakers, with Whova, they can get an even better TEDx experience.

Jean Khoo  |  Singapore
Published 2015-07-16 16:22:02

Unlike other types of TED event, TEDxPetalingStreet (the x means independently organized TED events) is the first Chinese spoken TEDx event in Malaysia. This was a vision shared by people who believe that art of storytelling could be further refined if expressed in native mother tongue, in this case, it would be Mandarin or Cantonese.

This year the theme of the salon event is Innovate, Improvise!. In the past few years, Malaysia has grown to be one of the top three hot spots of technology in the Southeast Asia. As innovation rolls out of every brilliant mind, there is also a need to improvise on what has been invented.

Image Credit: TEDxPetalingStreet
Image Credit: TEDxPetalingStreet

TEDxPetalingStreet Salon is a half day event, from 1pm–5pm in MindValley. Compared to other TEDx events, what really sets TEDx Salon events apart is that attendees will be able to have greater interaction with the speakers during the Q&A/Panel Discussion—which is great because that is better than just listening to them like a lecture.


There will be four individuals from the tech startup and media industry.

Eric Tan – Co-Founder / Chief Technology Officer of ParkEasy

Topic: Our Mission to Simplify The Search for Parking

Image Credit: TEDxPetalingStreet
Image Credit: TEDxPetalingStreet

Rickson Goh – Founder and CEO of Tourplus

Topic: The Future of Travel

Image Credit: YouTube
Image Credit: YouTube

Chan Kee Siak – Founder of Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd

Topic: Journey to Cloud

Image Credit: digitalnewsasia
Image Credit: digitalnewsasia

Yong Kai Ping – CEO of Kini TV, Malaysia Kini

Topic: How Media Changed Malaysia

Image Credit: Malaysiakini
Image Credit: Malaysiakini

The tickets are priced at RM80 and if you’re interested, you have to be fast because the event is limited to 100 participants and can only be purchased online. The event will be conducted in Chinese language, which will pleasing to entrepreneurs who can learn quicker via their native language.

Additionally after the event, they will upload the the recordings to official TEDx channels, and TED translators will help to get them subbed into English, for the benefit of those who prefer that language.

Other than that, TedxPetalingStreet is also partnering up with Whova to come out with a community app for the event attendees. The app will be extremely useful because participants can use it to access event information, see who other attendees are, chat with them and even connect to the speakers and organisers.

For more information, go to the TEDxPetalingStreet Facebook page or visit their website. To purchase tickets, visit their event page here.

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