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Hari Raya Aidilfitri brings about many fashion trends every year. In past years, ladies’ fashion have hogged the spotlight with modern or updated takes on the traditional baju kurung, but the men came in strong this year with bold — and questionable — sartorial choices. From sheer and sleeveless tops to ‘sporty’ versions of traditional outfits that made us go ‘huh’, let’s just say we prefer to keep it classic, gentlemen.

This year, our feline friends have also entered the world of Hari Raya haute couture. From matchy-matchy family outfits to adorable cat-sized songkoks, these cool cats have gone all out to make a fashion statement — hey humans, I’ve had to deal with feeling guilty every time I ate during Ramadan in front of you, so let me look good on your day as well.

Image Credit: primemag.me
Image Credit: primemag.me

Judging from these looks, these cats are not the sort you want hiding under the bed when your aunt with loud children comes over. Let’s check out the hottest looks on the cat-walk this Eid season.

Pretty In Peach

Going for an apricot shade this Raya, this pair accessorised accordingly with their outfit, and make for a handsome couple. Definitely #ootd-worthy for the first day of Hari Raya. Is that a scowl I see from the lady cat with the pearl headband? No, she’s just smizing.

Image Credit: Lynn Rina Sinay via Berita Harian
Image Credit: Lynn Rina Sinay via Berita Harian

A Study In Pink

A lovely shade of Pink Flambé that is outstanding against that alabaster fur, this pretty cat will find herself the centre of attention, even in a sea of guests. Choosing to keep it simple and not pile on the accessories is a risky move for this demure lady, but she pulls it off with panache.

Image Credit: Eskrim 20sen via Berita Harian

Tempting in Turquoise

A bold colour choice, these cool cats are definitely not going to be put in the corner on Hari Raya. It’s hard to match with turquoise, so they kept it understated.

Image Credit: Sha Ulrich via Berita Harian
Image Credit: Sha Ulrich via Berita Harian

French à la Mauve

Some days you want to dress up and do your hair; some days you want to wear black and be in touch with your emotions. Some days you want to be in lilac and chilling in bed. A lazy day, but a lazy day looking good nonetheless. Brava cat, you effortless fashionista.

Your ‘Aidil’ Man

All cats are equal, but some cats are more equal than others. Just look at this cat. Just look at him. Ash — as his owner calls him — is looking very dapper in full traditional gear. Dubbed the ‘handsomest cat in Singapore‘ by Berita Harian, Ash here is dressed in a tailor-made outfit made by his owner’s mother. The bespoke game is strong with this one.

Image Credit: Samsiah Suliman via Berita Harian
Image Credit: Samsiah Suliman via Berita Harian

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