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It turns out that Southeast Asians are secretly daredevils in sheep’s clothing.

TripAdvisor’s  biannual study titled TripBarometer: The Psychology of Travel, shows us what travellers look for when on vacation. It reveals that, as compared to other parts of the world, Asians are most likely to travel for exhilarating experiences.

Image Credit: TripAdvisor
Image Credit: TripAdvisor

APAC is Close-Minded, But Willing To Learn

As part of the study, respondents were asked to select two statements that best represented how they wanted to feel from a holiday, which related to eight motivational categories. The results of this approach reveal similar results globally.

‘Enhancing perspective’ is the primary motivation for vacation choices for the majority of travellers (Global: 71%; APAC: 67%), followed by ‘liberation’ (Global: 62%; APAC: 66%). ‘Order’ and ‘harmony’ are the least important motivations for travellers, with only 21 percent falling into both these categories globally and only 22 percent and 19 percent in Asia-Pacific travellers falling into the two categories, respectively.

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However, the result doesn’t simply sing praises for our part of the world. According to the study, travellers from the Asia-Pacific region are the least likely to become more open-minded and tolerant of others (Global: 45%; APAC: 41%). However, what we make up in close-mindedness, we make up in curiosity, as we’re more likely to learn something new (Global: 37%; APAC: 40%) as a result of a holiday.

Interestingly, the study also pinpointed Indonesians (61%) and Malaysians (60%) as most likely to become more open minded and tolerant of others than travellers from other countries. In addition, Thais (49%), Indonesians (48%) and Malaysians (48%) top the list of travellers most likely to learn something new as a result of a trip.

Image Credit: TripAdvisor
Image Credit: TripAdvisor

Singaporeans Go Wild With Jetstar

TripAdvisor isn’t the only one studying travel patterns. Jetstar conducted its own survey with over 1,000 consumers in Singapore.

Surprisingly, the study reveals that Singaporeans are secretly thrill-seekers. Jetstar found that 88% of Singaporean travellers describe themselves as ‘adventurous’, having engaged in activities such as sleeping on the beach and eating fried insects.

Contrary to common perception, even the ‘oldies’ are young at heart – 40% of ‘wild-at-heart’ over-55’s confessed that they have skinny-dipped (woo!) or hitchhiked, while a whopping half of those under 25 claimed to have tried extreme sports like abseiling and skydiving while on holiday.


Inspired by its findings, Jetstar is calling upon Singapore’s biggest, boldest, and most spontaneous to seize the day challenge by launching the airline’s most audacious competition yet – the Jetstar Wildcard.

From 25 September 2014, thrill-seeking travellers will be given the chance to win a mystery trip where just about anything is possible. You read that right. A mystery trip.

 “Two bold travellers will embark on a three-day two-night adventure where no other has ever been before,” said Jetstar Asia Head of Commercial, Francis Loi. “We’re not talking about wandering through dark alleys to search out a hip cafe, white water rafting or eating exotic food – we know that these are becoming standard on most holiday itineraries today.”

This could be YOU. Racing cattle. In a paddy field. Yes. [Image Credit: SFGate]
This could be YOU. Racing cattle. In a paddy field. Yes. [Image Credit: SFGate]
In addition, Jetstar will be offering great deals to mark its 10th birthday for the next five weeks. Every Friday beginning 26 September 2014, Jetstar will offer two destinations at a zero dollar fare, excluding taxes and fees, together with other destinations on sale. Sale fares are available between 11am and 6pm (GMT+8).

Think you’re a true thrillseeker? Jetstar challenges adventurers to carry the spirit of #yolo – with three Wildcard holiday package deals on sale. Each consists of flight tickets and hotel accommodation to a mystery destination. Customers will only find out where they’re going after they receive booking confirmation.

This could ALSO be you. Climbing a greased pole for PRIZES! YES! [Image Credit: Huffington Post]
This could ALSO be you. Climbing a greased pole for PRIZES! YES! [Image Credit: Huffington Post]
To participate in the Jetstar Wildcard and stand a chance to win a holiday to a mystery location with a buddy, visit the Wildcard page. Meanwhile, be on the lookout for zero dollar fares and low prices on the Jetstar main page!

So, have you got what it takes to boldly go where no traveller has gone before?

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