We See What You Did There: GrabTaxi Meets Uber’s Ice Cream Treat With Durians

Ah GrabTaxi, you sneaky fella. Just as we’re done licking spoons on that ice cream from Uber, we’re being treated to the it-fruit this season, the durian. And of the Mao Shan Wang assortment, no less!

Just a week ago, GrabTaxi treated their community of taxi drivers to a feast of the thorny kind. And after clocking in long hours driving and tolerating impossible customers tirelessly, it was about time these drivers got something as a treat.

Now, GrabTaxi is generously extending the offer to their passengers as well! Want in on some of that pungent goodness? You can, this weekend, and ONLY this weekend (1 – 2 August) between 2.00pm and 9.00pm.

A special car type #GRABdurian will appear in the GrabTaxi app; simply select the icon and key in the promo code GRABDURIAN. All you have to do after is wait for your durian (at least 1.5kg) to be freshly delivered to you, for only $10. Shiok, or what?

But don’t be greedy ah! Only one order of durian per customer, please.

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