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I was watching ‘The internship’ the other day with my friend (the tickets were at 60cents! He ditched class and I ditched doing nothing) and I was pleasantly surprised by the premise of the movie. I spent a good amount of time fangirling over the Google campus and squealing every time Dylan O’Brien appeared on screen wearing his geek spectacles.

sexy man

People, tell me you find this sexy too

One of my favorite moments from the movie (coming in second only to the scene in which they played quidditch!) involved the challenge in which the interns had to build an app and whosever team sold the most apps online would win the challenge. Did this scene remind anyone else of startup weekend?

In pursuit of the quintessential desire for carpe diem liberally sprinkled throughout this movie, the team vote to have a wild night out in town before getting down to business of building an app.

team photo

The team about to have their share of wild times

Many shenanigans ensue and they end up the San Francisco Bay Bridge, when one of the boys attempts to drunk-text his crush. The others try to persuade him not to and says, “if you can’t answer the following, then you are in no shape to text her” and proceed to a series of questions which ranged from “what is the square root of 247?” to “Who was the 10th president?”

There was eureka moment when one of them went, “guys! This is the app that we need to build, a series of quiz which you will have to answer before you can text or call someone when you are not sober.”

This seemed like a brilliant idea to me! How often have you wished that you could go back in time and stop yourself from sending out a text or call while you had been drunk? Because lets admit it, when we are tripping out of our mind, everything seems like a good idea.

If only we had something to stop us from doing so!

The fix: 

To my delight, I found some apps that already do this on the market for both android phones and iPhones! But the current apps need to work on their UI more because currently they look very shabby.


One of the most downloaded apps on Googleplay, DrunkBlocker when activated blocks calls to numbers you have selected.

bad decision blocker

Bad decision blocker for iPhones allows you to block any emails, text messages or phone calls going out to the people you choose and you can fix the time frame for the app to work. 

The future:

I imagine the future apps to have more sleek interface and a more play aspect. An amalgamation of the next two apps, Drunk Text Preventer which requires you to answer a pop quiz question within 30 seconds if you want to be able to use the phone for 30 minutes or more and Drunkdial (no longer available) which requires you to solve three math problems before you can call someone.


Imagine this scenario: You are getting ready to go out and party so you activate your Anti-drunkantics app. This app will prevent you from calling or texting anyone unless you pass a series of Pop quiz and even puzzles. You can party in the safe knowledge that the next morning you won’t have to face any repurcussions of the night before. Of course, there will be a safety option, so that in case of emergency it will automatically start dialling the people on your emergency contact list.


(I was discussing the ingenuity of this idea with my friend when he quipped he would never use it. I thought for a second and realised neither would I when it hit me, “dude, the real reason neither of us would use the app is because we have no one to actually drunk dial or text!” We cried and laughed over the phone for ages.)

Would you use such an app? Espcially around this time of the year where heartbreaks are just as abundant as all the parties with the holiday cheer creeping up on us!

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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