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Singapore feels strangely, indescribably, and oddly different in 2014.

I wonder if you feel the same too?

It feels like we are at a point where we are truly starting to embrace the ordinary Singaporean- local citizens- and recognising that this country is called home to many successful people, including artists and craftsmen who contribute to the growing local talent scene.

Yes, I mentioned craftsmen. In fact, really good ones. Did you know they even existed?

Have you heard about them? If you have not, well, it seems timely that we start getting used to them, because we will definitely be hearing more from them soon.

With the crafts scene in Singapore pretty much still lingering in her nascant stage, four undergraduates from the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore are bent on making this a thing of the past.

Coming together because of a shared appreciation for local craftsmanship, they formed Makers of Singapore, an initiative to highlight local craftsmen who are perfecting their crafts, trading mass production for a human touch.

When questioned about the competency of these craftsmen during our interview, Wong Jing Ying, a quart of the four-man team, highlighted that“It is difficult to determine how good they are compared to artisans or professionals out there. Through this initiative, we found a common thread among all these makers- they are all very passionate about their craft. As long as their are passionate about it, they all take efforts to refine and better their respective crafts.”

The initiative, inspired by the consumer support for Maker movements around the world such as the US, UK, and even Japan, is also looking toward the growing trend of local craft businesses in Singapore and how some are infusing modern twists into their work to produce intricately constructed pieces.

Check out five of the many craftsmen spotlighted by Makers of Singapore:

1. TINKR – 3D printing and creative studio co-founded by two local creative geeks who wanted to bridge the gap between designers, makers, and consumers through the usage of 3D printing

makersofsg-6(Image Credit: Makers of Singapore) 

2. Forest Child – A maker of fashionable and functionable leather pieces and accessories

forestchildForest Child’s handmade leather products (Image Credit: Forest Child) 

3. Jungle Beer – Singaporean beer brewers who take pride in crafting a perfect glass of beer that makes you pause and relish

junglebeerAt the Jungle Beer brewery (Image Credit: Bill Greyskull)

4. GSH Conserves – Wildlife conservationalist, Joey Gan, infuses his passion for nature and belief in conservation into a jar of homemade jam

GSH ConservesJoey demonstrating his homemade crafted to perfection jam (Image Credit: Makers of Singapore)

5. Parasolbags – Locally handcrafted parasol bags made from off-cut canvas, recovered from parasol factories

ParasolbagsMade in Singapore parasol bags (Image Credit: Makers of Singapore)

If you are an aspiring craftsmen, constantly buying materials on the sly while your friends complain of you missing out on their activities; or if you consider yourself an artist by blood, consider joining the Makers community.

On the other hand, if you are still a closet artist but wish to know more, do also stay tuned to Makers of Singapore’s Facebook page for the upcoming Made in SG Market 2014 event.

The “Made in Singapore” label is yours to make. The time is now.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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