We've had discount apps in the past, but this one may actually have an advantage, thanks to The Smart Local.

Jacky Yap  |  SG
Published 2015-10-06 11:03:33

One of the things that we probably can’t and won’t stop doing is to hunt for the best promotions, deals and discounts when we are looking to purchase something. Many solutions and apps have been created over the past few years to help end consumers like you and me do just that, such as Perx, Sprooki, Pickat and many now defunct apps.

One thing these apps do not have is a distribution channel, which is the missing piece that newly launched Snatch brings. Snatch is a location-based discovery app launched by our friends over at The Smart Local. The app will bring you the best promotions, deals, and latest discounts, all in real-time.

Snatch Singapore

Still in its beta launch, Snatch works similarly to instant discount coupons, where you redeem your discount offered by partners on the mobile platform. You can then head down to the merchant outlet and show the e-coupon to get their discount instantly. There’s no payment required, nor is any coupon-printing involved. Here’s a look at the app:

Snatch Singapore By The Smart Local
Snatch Singapore By The Smart Local

The app debuts with a few partners, which includes popular brands such as Swensen’s, Maki San, Tung Lok Seafood, Lola’s Cafe, and a few others.

Will the app work in Singapore? We are inclined to believe so, as The Smart Local has built itself to be a strong brand in local living in Singapore. Other than growing its traffic and influence tremendously over the last 1 year through its publication, it has also ventured into video content production, on top of its local reviews as well as its forum. The Smart Local works with various brands in Singapore through content marketing, and Snatch will provide an additional and complimentary platform for these brand partners.

The marketing of Snatch is also helmed by Bryan Choo himself, the Founder and Managing Editor of The Smart Local, who has years of experience growing The Smart Local to where it is today. That’s a plus.

The new Snatch app is currently available on Android and will be coming soon to the App Store.

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