Liang Hwei  |  Singapore
Published 2014-10-02 14:30:41

Uber, the ride-sharing service that is taking the world by storm has already graced Southeast Asia with Uber, UberX, and UberTaxi. Now, they are bringing something that has already made its mark in countries like the US, UK, France, and Canada. Uber for Business is open for business in Singapore and South East Asia.

First launched in July, Uber for Business is ready for an international rollout across all markets. Apart from promising safe, convenient, and reliable modes of transport in over 200 cities, Uber wants to also help business travellers get where they need to go more easily and seamlessly. According to Uber, Uber for Business trips are already taking place in more than 120 cities and 35 countries around the world.

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Instead of operating in the usual personal capacity that Uber’s other products are currently providing, Uber for Business will stand out with its dedicated platform for small and mid-sized companies. It sets out to integrate Uber’s offerings of transport into these business in the simplest way possible. The companies can set up an Uber account with a centralised billing system, and even maintain a travel dashboard that business administrators can view and use to manage budgets – all at no cost.

This means that business administrations can forget about fiddling with little scraps of paper from employees’ cab rides. Employees can now have access to a new payment option in their Uber app, billing all their Uber rides to a single card on file, all while travelling in style without breaking the bank.

Why Singapore?

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According to Uber, Singapore is already the biggest Uber for Business Market in Southeast Asia and some companies in Southeast Asia have apparently been asking for Uber for Business to come to our part of the world. Millions of riders have chosen Uber for personal travel, and now are recommending it to their employers for business travel too.

Harry Dewhirst, President & Chief Commercial Officer, Blis Media – APAC had this to say for Uber for Business’ arrival to Southeast Asia: “We are thrilled to sign up our teams across Asia-Pacific to Uber for Business – the model suits our extensive business travel requirements, making it quick and easy to move about busy cities while reducing the hassle of travel expense reports.”

The growth of Uber’s exciting new product is exponential, despite Uber’s troubles in various countries, including the current events happening in Malaysia. According to Uber, if Uber for Business were a city – it would be the fourth fastest growing of all time. Understandably, it would integrate to Singapore’s corporate lifestyle easily. In fact, it makes us wonder why Uber for Business never came sooner.

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