If you are an unemployed fresh grad still looking for a job for the past six months, this programme can help you out.

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Published 2015-10-13 14:47:59

Unemployment can be a situation that does not seem too bleak in the first few weeks, or even if the duration of time leads up to a handful of months upon graduation. However, when it stretches to half a year or more, it is then that most start to feel a little worried that the condition may actually be permanent. With the ever fluctuating economy, fresh grads find it increasingly hard to score any job at all, let alone the job of their dreams.

As of now, there are about 200,000 graduates who have the prerequisite certification in their grasps but still fail to land a job to kickstart their career. Some of which have been unable to secure gainful employment two years after graduating, according to a recent Utusan Malaysia report. One of the reasons graduates are unable to find a job is due to the fact that they are weak in English and are unable to carry themselves well.

Image Credit: Huffington Post
Image Credit: Huffington Post

This statement by the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) executive director Shamsuddin Bardan to Utusan Malaysia, is further reinstated by him saying, “Some of these youths are from rural areas, and do not know how to be as presentable as their urban counterparts.”

Grave Problem At Hand

Therefore, with the problem at hand, it is only apt that there is an available programme for the unemployed to enroll in order to better themselves and prep them with the required skills to land their first job.

Most of the time, employers would appreciate it when their employees put in the extra effort to better themselves in every aspect that they possibly can, and this programme gives the unemployed a headstart to not only potentially land a job, but also to get them far with the soft skills they would already have in their back pocket by the end of the course.

Image Credit: Sell Cell
Image Credit: Sell Cell

Furthermore, one of the requirements to enter this programme is something most fresh graduates these days may already resonate with, and that is to be in lack of a job for at least a period of six months. The programme known as the LEET Academy, is targeted to those who have a degree certification but are jobless at the same time.

Programmed For Unemployment

What LEET ACADEMY provides over the intensive 9-week course is a chance to create graduates who are well-equipped with soft skills such as programming and web development. These skills are necessary in the modern workplace today, and it will in turn make the participants all the more desirable to their potential employers.

Not only that, LEET ACADEMY empowers participants with the entrepreneurial mindset, as well as technical skills and this can come in useful whether a participant wishes to be employed under a company or to launch a company of their own.

Image Credit: 1337 Ventures' Facebook
Image Credit: 1337 Ventures’ Facebook

The requirements to join the programme would be to be a citizen of this country, aged 27 years and below, possess a CGPA of at least 2-3, and most importantly, participants should be unemployed for six months since their graduation.

LEET Academy is backed by TalentCorp in support of the EPP2 Greater Kuala Lumpur/Klang Valley NKEA national agenda, in hopes of creating the leaders of tomorrow. The programme that is organised by iTrain Malaysia, 1337 Ventures and Talent Intelligence will take place on November 1 at the iTrain Malaysia headquarters in Megan Avenue 1.

In fact, if studying was one of your passions whilst undertaking your tertiary education, you’d be pleased to know that there is also a syllabus that the course follows through, and this syllabus is designed to be helpful in one’s future career.

The syllabus includes:

Startup Idea Validation
Digital Marketing & Analytics
Web & App Development
Communication Skills
Essential Selling Skills
Customer Service
Project Management Essentials

Expectations to Excel

Image Credit: 1337 Ventures' Facebook
Image Credit: 1337 Ventures’ Facebook

Best part of all, the programme is free of charge and well-performing startups will be selected and given the space to work from for the next 6 months with industry experts who will continue to aid and monitor their progress, and provide help where necessary. These mentors include industry professionals, successful business startup owners and people who have been victorious in their own fields.

The schedule for the course includes 5 segments which are alpha startups, app development, how to start a business and soft skill training. Amongst the classes, there are two days each which is designated for Google Analytics and Facebook marketing—these days, these skills are the basics in just about every industry.

In the past, 1337 Accelerator has proved its track record by spearheading an accelerator programme known as Alpha Startups which recently concluded in its fifth batch this year. This proves that the aim of the programme has been to push one to their best capabilities and sometimes all one needs is a little push. Participants of the programme will have nothing to lose as it could just be the kickstart to their career. You can head over to their website for more details, the programme’s registration closing date is the 31st of October.

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