You Are Being Rated By Uber Drivers. Here’s How To Check Your Score.

After every Uber ride you take, you will be prompted in the app to rate your driver from 0 to 5 stars. It’s an empowering feeling—to know that you have the authority to ‘grade’ your driver according to their driving, safety, car comfort, and whichever criteria you deem fit.

But did you know that your Uber drivers have been rating you too?

Here’s how to find out how good of a rider you are.

1. Click on the top left icon to view the menu page, and click ‘Help’.

uber rating 1

2. Click on ‘Account’.

3. At the next page, click ‘I’d like to know my rating’.

4. Click ‘Submit’ and wait for several hours for an Uber representative to contact you with your rating.

Uber rating 2

The rating that you receive will be your average score, you won’t receive a breakdown of ratings from specific drivers. And now that you know your rating, you’ll be wondering what you did right, or wrong.

Uber drivers can see your rating before accepting you as a passenger, which is similar to how you get to view your driver’s rating when they accept your request. Your rating will in fact give your Uber driver a first impression of what kind of rider you are and that could affect your ride.

So the next time you step into your Uber ride, remember, you’re being judged too—so do behave!

[UPDATE on April 8: It is much easier to find out your Uber rating now. Previously, you’d have to send in a request and wait for Uber to email your rating to you. Now, your rating appears immediately—no more waiting to find out how good (or how bad) of a rider you are.

Another noticeable difference is that the rating is now up to two digits after the decimal place, instead of only one before. For example, previously your score may be 4.8, but now it can be as accurate as 4.86. Kiasu people can now start climbing up the score board, 0.01 at a time.]

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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