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We’ve progressed quite a bit from the days of clunky newspaper ads and real life physical trawling of stores to get a hint of the job market. Online job portals are comprehensive and at times intuitive — key in some of your preferences and they do the job of narrowing down options for you. And now to fit our on-the-go lifestyles, job hunting can also be done on your mobile phone while you’re out and about.

One such app is Matchimi.

According to founder Chen Ning, “Matchimi is a software that automatically matches part-time workers to jobs. There is a centralised algorithmic system that matches according to both part-time workers’ and employers’ preferences. The matching algorithm is built on my research on stable matching, which is a Nobel Prize winning work.” Since launching in 2013, Matchimi has served the part-time jobs market in Singapore, as well as expanded to the Philippines.

The app is really easy to use. How it works is that part-time seekers and employers specify their preferences and availabilities via the app and Matchimi’s algorithmic matching system optimises the preferences of both casual labour workers and employers, allocates the best match for both parties, and improves the overall market efficiency and productivity. In a nutshell, it pretty much makes life easier for people who need to get jobs quick, and employers who need part-time workers at short notice. Everyone wins.


Lots and Lots Of Jobs

For part time job seekers, Matchimi is like a endless library of opportunity. The job page is constantly being updated, and it currently lists hundreds of jobs in established institutions. There’s full transparency as well: wages per job are listed clearly on the app, so there won’t be any extra negotiating and the sorts. Other information like shift hours, job description, incentives and benefits are also stated on the job page. That also means you can easily discard jobs not within your preferences and sort it out from there.

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Besides the job portal, Matchimi also keeps users updated with their blog. It charts milestones and successes, and users can also learn about new added features through the platform. It’s a nice personal touch on the part of the Matchimi team to make the app more relatable and warm, despite how gruelling it can get when it comes to the job search process.

For Employers

Matchimi is not just beneficial to jobseekers; it’s also a great help to employers. For companies registered on the app, Matchimi provides services for them to manage human resource needs through their simple web-based platform. From things like consolidating staff attendance at separate offices/outlets to payroll matters, as well as incentivising staff and motivating (and retaining) them, a lot of the features they offer go a long way towards automatising the hiring process.

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Mappin’ It Out

But Matchimi’s main and probably most useful feature is a real-time location feature that allows users to find jobs nearby. Surprisingly, this was a feature that users and the public requested — and Matchimi delivered. According to the Matchimi team, this caters to a niche audience who hold highly the location of their workplace — like whether it is near their current place of work or their home.

Image Credit. Matchimi's Blog
Image Credit: Matchimi’s Blog

Verdict: 4/5

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Matchimi is a portal just for part-time jobs, and it makes sense, because it probably wouldn’t work for any other type of job listings. Full-time employment is a long-winded process, and it might take a while before apps can replace the human resources needed to make considered and appropriate choices for a company.

Overall, the app is easy to use and navigate, but can get somewhat frustrating as it tended to shut down unexpectedly while I was in the midst of browsing. Still, getting a job can be tough, and Matchimi hastens this process for you. Plus, with a good catalog of part-time jobs on its platform, Matchimi is easily one of the better part-time job seeking apps out there.

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