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Published 2014-01-24 15:30:49

With the rise of mobile, there has been a lot of dating apps sprouting out especially in Singapore. We have covered them quite extensively, including Paktor, Between, LoveByte, Kehmistry, and Love Out Loud.

Another dating app caught our attention recently: Worthy.

Essentially, Worthy connects singles with one another. However, it takes a different but interesting approach: as the name suggest, you have to prove yourself to be worthy first before you can unlock someone’s account.

How does it work? Once you launch the app, you can browse at photos of singles. If you like someone, you have to answer three questions (in multiple choice) set by the user correctly before you can chat him or her up. Questions could be anything from dating ideas, whether you believe in love at first sight, or even favourite ways to spend a Sunday.

worthy app

So what’s the philosophy behind the 3 question design for the Worthy app?

The creators behind Worthy told Vulcan Post that they realized users of most other dating apps are discovering new users based on the look of their profile images, and only by looking at people’s pictures, it is not likely that “we can discover like-minded users and people sharing our interests and value“.

Solving existing problems of mobile dating apps

Therefore, the team implemented the question answering logic in their app and they believe adding this twist can be a good fix to solve some problems with most dating apps in the market, which includes: users with more attractive profile picture getting overwhelming number of messages, people have no shared topic to start a meaningful conversation at the first chat.

We found that our app’s user responding rate is much higher than traditional dating apps, because users are only contacted by people sharing common interests, and they have those questions as conversation starter when they are having the first chat. Gamification is added in the process so it’s more fun and challenging. User engagement is higher,” Ivan, who is in charge of Worthy, told Vulcan Post.

Keith Li and Ivan Wan
Keith Li and Ivan Wan

Good traction and high user engagement

The approach seemed to have paid off well for the team so far, since launch, they have over 30,000 users in Singapore and Southeast Asia. They expect numbers to double after their upcoming Android launch early next month.

Similar to most dating apps, the Male : Female ratio is about 2 : 1, and the successful matching rate is 1:3. If a user wants to be matched more easily, she can set the minimum correct question to match her to 1; otherwise she can set to 3 and it would be more difficult for people to match her.

So far the team has not face any problem in getting new users onboard.

“Putting sincerity back into dating app might cause hurdles to many casual users, but the ones who stay are the one serious about relationship, which are the people we want to meet. We have positive feedbacks from our users for having more in depth connection with people known from Worthy. In the nearest future we will have features facilitating people who are connected to go further with their new contact.” – Ivan Wan

The app developed by Hong Kong based Innopage, and this year, they are focusing more on the Asian market due to the similarity in social and cultural norm.  The team is focused on building awareness around the Worthy app and in their final preparation of their Android launch. Once that is done, they will be launching new features such as stickers or premium membership system to generate some revenue from its users.

So, are you worthy of anyone on worthy?

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