We thought, "hey, it’s about time for them to be recognised."

Delfina Utomo  |  Singapore
Published 2015-11-18 10:58:34

With 2015 drawing to a close, it’s only normal for the best of us to be a little contemplative and reflective about the year, as well as want to show appreciation for the people and commemorate the moments that have shaped it. And while some of the newsmakers this year have been more famous — or infamous — personalities on the world stage, let’s look closer to home.

Local catering company — and ‘Outstanding Caterer Of The Year 2015’ Orange Clove Catering are running an online campaign for people to vote for their very own heroes. The ‘We Make You A Hero‘ campaign puts the limelight on the unsung heroes in the office and encourages people to show appreciation for their contributions. Individuals who are under-appreciated are nominated, and then voted for by friends and colleagues.

The campaign — the first initiated by Orange Clove Catering — was actually inspired by their own operations. According to Executive Director of Orange Clove Catering Elvis Lee, corporations make up 80 per cent of Orange Clove Catering’s clientele, which means they liaise frequently with the likes of event coordinators, administrators and secretaries.    

“As their catering partner, we have helped to pull off elaborate events of up to 10,000 guests. Big or small, we understand and witnessed the effort that they have put in to make events a success. This includes managing everything right from getting the RSVP, down to the last detail of meeting dietary and decor needs,” he says.  

Elvis added that while the problems they faced at work and their little contributions are often buried in the daily humdrum, they undoubtedly play a crucial role in the company. He tells us, “They know everyone so well, they take the tedious tasks and pressing deadlines in their stride, and they never ask for credit when the event turns out to be a roaring success.These are the heroes we worked side by side with every day. We thought, hey, it’s about time for them to be recognised.”

Image Credit: wemakeyouahero.com
Image Credit: wemakeyouahero.com

As a treat, Orange Clove Catering are sending the top prize winners on a luxurious holiday to Bali — and $1,000 worth of their catering services. On top of this, there will also be an appreciation dinner to commemorate all the nominees.

This noble initiative has seen many individuals across various job scopes being nominated, from Editors to Receptionists alike. And if you’re feeling particularly kind and would like to do something gratifying before the year is up, stop and notice of who has been under-appreciated around the workplace, and maybe pay them a little surprise!

In case you need some help in spotting the underdogs, here’re some people you should be nominating:

The Invisible Office Cup-Washer

Image Credit: midorisnyder.com
Image Credit: midorisnyder.com

Sometimes we get lazy, and sometimes we can be dicks when it comes to rinsing that coffee cup. But then, there’s the silent kind soul who’ll take no credit for doing our dirty dishes.

The Young Office Receptionist Who Is Busy Gaming

He can’t be staring at the office door from 9 to 5 right? So let him work on his psycho-motor skills while he’s at it.

The Cardboard Policeman

Image Credit: Yahoo SG
Image Credit: Yahoo SG

The silent 400gsm vigilante who watches you at every store corner.

The Bank Telemarketer You Always Reject But They Keep Trying


Surely you must award their perseverance.

Whoever Is The Transport Minister


It’s a thankless job and no matter who is helming the portfolio, it’s always going to be a bumpy ride (all puns intended).

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