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New Year’s Day is only 7 weeks away and it is the day when most, if not everyone, would start on their own ‘get fit journey’ for the year, only to have it slowly dwindle away after a week or two. It is said that 30% of the fitness journey is about working out, but the remaining 70%, which is of course the huger bulk of the percentage to a healthier physique, is attributed to healthy eating.

If we feed our body right with nutritious food, it would learn to take care of itself. Sure, there are plenty of places where we could source ready-made meals to purchase, but there are always perks to cooking our own meals. Home cooked meals tend to be more cost-friendly, as well as give us the benefit of knowing for certain what goes into the meal.

However, having said that, home cooked meals are indeed a luxury these days, be it for the college crowd or for the working warriors, because once we are done with our assignments and work for the day, we would most likely retreat to nest in our room and order a simple takeaway.

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Rarely does anyone have the energy to muster planning meals for the entire week anymore, especially if they have to juggle other important aspects as well, such as work or family. Therefore, that is where Fooddit, an online crowd-sourcing recipe platform which does all the meal-planning for you, can come in useful.

Step By Step Cooking

Fooddit operates by a simple four-step process. The first step is to leave the meal-planning to the experts, as Fooddit’s team of chefs will come up with their menu for the week and if the meal entices you, all you need to do is place the order for the week. Besides that, the site also features members’ recipes, so you can try out a myriad of recipes from other foodies.

Next, the team will source out fresh ingredients for its customers and portion-pack them before shipping out. The third step would be delivery, and finally the last step would be the actual cooking process itself.

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Currently, meal plans available are for 2-day meals, which is ideal for weekend cook outs, or there’s also the 3-day meal plan to try out, whereby customers can select 3 meal options featured on the site.

The menu changes by the week and caters to the Asian palette, whether it’s Thai chicken paprik and stir fry mixed vegetable or nyonya fish tempura with stir fry bak choy.

Fresh From Farm, To Table

As simple as it may sound to prep meals for the week, most of us who aren’t innate chefs find it hard to figure out how to marinate a chicken or pan-fry a salmon without a recipe—yours truly included. Therefore, paying for someone else to pre-portion ingredients and enlist a series of instructions, is way easier.

fooddit ingredients

After all, investing in one’s health is paramount because health is the one thing we can never buy back when it is gone.

The team at Fooddit said, “Restaurant or takeaway meals are often filled with excessive nasties like salt, sugar and artificial flavors. Fooddit uses and delivers only the freshest ingredients. And by helping you assemble healthy meals from scratch, we help you take back control of what you put into your body.”

“While not all our ingredients are certified organic, we source only high quality, great-value products and purchase as many ingredients as we can from local, family-run suppliers with sustainable practices—from small family farms to artisanal purveyors,” they shared.

Pioneered By Passionate Foodies

The team at Fooddit consists of founder Lionel Lee, tech guy Faizul Hakimi, content contributor Michelle Yoon, as well as two head chefs who lend their weekly meal expertise to the table. They shared on their website that, “One of the main reasons many Malaysians weren’t cooking at home was because they ‘didn’t have time’.”

fooddit menu

To some, the kitchen may be a headache headquarter and a dumping ground for dishes, or even just a place to heat up leftover takeaway. Hence, as passionate foodies themselves, they wanted to turn the kitchen back into a space of fun where learning to prepare nourishing, yummy food can be observed.

Fooddit’s goal is to help absolutely everyone to eat healthy at home and become a better cook at the same time. Besides getting fit, the whole aim of eating home cooked meals is to get on the healthy track once again. Therefore, instead of starting your get fit resolution for 2016 on the first day of January, why not opt to get an earlier headstart by beginning now?

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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