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It’s the tenth feature already?!

For today’s exclusive No. 10 feature of Apps I Live By, we’re taking a sneak peek into the phone of ZALORA Singapore’s Marketing Director, Dione Song (Admirers of this lady, better not miss this!).

If this is your first time reading this article, please take a seat! Apps I Live By is a weekly look into the smartphones of influential personalities. If you’re in the midst of discovering new apps, or you’re interested in knowing which apps certain personalities use, our features run faithfully every Wednesdays 11am sharp. Last week, we peeked into the phone of Sriram Krishnan, the Vice-President of up and rising phone contacts app, Humin. Do you know about Humin coming to town? LINE’s General Manager for Global LINE Business, Simeon Cho, also shared his pick of apps that he uses daily, and leaked to us a hilarious Selfie Sticker of himself. Should you have any personalities you would like me to feature, feel free to drop me an email at dawn@vulcanpost.com.

Previously, Dione was our guest in an episode of Vulcan TV where we also featured an office tour of ZALORA Singapore.

Zalora_Dione Song

Today, we’re snooping a litle closer and what better way than to check out her smartphone!

Dione_Zalora_homescreenDione’s homescreen (Image Credit: Dione Song)

 If you have not known, ZALORA is one of the leading e-commerce site in Singapore today. With headquarters in Singapore, Zalora is also available in many parts of Asia – Malaysia, Hong Kong, Brunei and Vietnam, just to name a few. It was birthed by well-known German company, Rocket Internet.

Perhaps a strong unique selling point of Zalora is its consistent hunger for innovations that seeks to enable the online ZALORA shopping experience to be seamless. Have you heard about ZALORA’s new sizing online assistant? Called Virtusize, one may simply key in one’s measurements and it would recommend one the correct size of clothing to purchase.

Today, we are privileged to get Dione to list down a few apps that she uses daily as the marketing director for such an exciting company:

1. SoundCloud

Without music, life would be a mistake (a wise philosopher once said that). I’m pretty much plugged in throughout the day as good music helps put me in the right frame of mind everyday. You can find pretty much anything on SoundCloud, especially great remixes, from perfect morning wake-up songs, to chill-out-trippy tunes that get the creative juices flowing while you’re at work.

Any avid SoundCloud users out there? Did you know that the company had recently decided to allow its artists to earn through advertisements that listeners are exposed to? Artists, however, can choose to opt out should they find the ads a hindrance.

2. Podcasts

I love Apple’s free Podcasts app. You always come out of every podcast learning something new. My all-time favourite channel has got to be the Ted Radio Hour, where you get to listen to inspirational speakers from all walks of life. Also, it’s great during a long commute.

Sounds like a tip to starting your day right! Just wondering, why are so many of our interviewees Apple users? Any good Android podcast recommendations out there?


C’mon, what better app is there for shopping on-the-go than our very own ZALORA app!? But in all honesty, it’s well-designed, very easy to use and extremely convenient.

Anyone shops with Zalora on your mobile more than the web? It would be interesting to find that out. But, one thing’s for sure, we can’t deny Zalora is growing like massive rapid fire in Asia!

4. WhatsApp

WhatsApp has pretty much become a staple and necessary commodity in the app universe. One’s no longer just using it because one wants to but rather because one needs to. Nobody uses text nowadays.

The many interviews have brought about a mass of chat apps that only thrive at certain geographical regions. It would definitely be insightful to find out the cause of this trend. Or, can anyone shed some light on this?

5. Google Maps

I have a terrible sense of direction and as embarrassing as it sounds, I’m more often than not, always reliant on my Google Maps.

No. It is not a female thing. Yes, I am heading somewhere with this argument. One argument and a great pun. That’s two wins. Take that!

6. Flipboard

I love the interface of Flipboard and it’s my go-to app whenever I’m catching up on all the happenings around the world. Current affairs, trending social stories, tech updates, design highlights – you’re able to curate anything on Flipboard in an aesthetically pleasing wire-frame, which makes it all the more enjoyable. Some of my favourite mags include Fast Company, VICE and Refinery29.

A favouite pick too by Spotify’s Managing Director for Asia, Sunita Kaur, Flipboard is definitely maturing steadily as a social magazine app. Also, good news for Windows phone users because Flipboard has finally landed on Microsoft’s grounds.

A big thank you to Dione for giving us the privilege to peek into your smartphone.

For followers of Apps I Live By, we’re seeing the curvy sign of 8tracks again. Perhaps due time for all of us to check it out!

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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