This online grocer has quite the base of repeat customers, so they must be doing something right.

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Published 2015-12-03 15:00:38

This article originally appeared on Vulcan Post.

Priscilla Tan, like most of us, is busy juggling work and life and sometimes, might get carried away with working extra hours or back-to-back meetings. As a homemaker, she might face difficulties visiting wet markets to get what she needs due to her busy schedule.

And she is not alone.

To solve this problem, millennials like Priscilla are increasingly turning to online solutions, all thanks to affordable smartphones as well as connectivity around the island.

“Recently I was unable to do my fresh grocery shopping at the wet market due to my busy work schedule. I rely on a new online store PurelyFresh to help me in getting fresh seafood, vegetables and meat for my family. Their products came nicely packed, no bruises on the vegetables, meats were sealed in plastic and I also get S$15 off my first purchase,” Priscilla raved on her experience with PurelyFresh.


Readers of Vulcan Post might have heard of the new online fresh food delivery site, but for those unfamiliar with PurelyFresh, it is an online wet market, allowing customers to order fresh food and get them delivered to your doorsteps.

Since we last spoke with the team, PurelyFresh has grown even more: it currently features over 2,000 products on its online platform, making it one of the largest online wet markets in Singapore. One thing which customers love about PurelyFresh is that customers can customise their orders, such as having their fish sliced or having their meats minced.

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Unfair Advantage

As we previously mentioned, PurelyFresh has a strong competitive edge, enabling them to deliver the level of customisation and product freshness to their customers. The team behind PurelyFresh owns five wet and dry markets located in Sengkang, Punggol, Tampines and Woodlands. What this means is that customers are getting their products directly from these places. There is also a full money back guarantee if they receive any unsatisfactory products.


“We work directly with our own meat butchers and fishmongers to ensure that our customers get the best ingredients they can get. We ask ourselves what kind of ingredients we would want us and our kids to enjoy — that’s the same ingredients we deliver to our customers. We also import most of our vegetables and fruits so our customers get only the best,” Desmond Khoo, new father and also CEO of PurelyFresh told Vulcan Post.

Everyday, Desmond personally monitors all the orders that come through to PurelyFresh, and visits his wet markets to get a good sense of the latest products he can introduce to his potential customers. Once in a while, he also adds complimentary fresh fruits into his customers’ orders, providing in a personal touch that no other brands can deliver.

“We take our orders seriously, because it reflects the trust our customers have in our brand,” added Desmond.

Because of this commitment, PurelyFresh has been able to grow a steady pool of repeat customers from people like Priscilla, who order products such as vegetables, fruits, meats, and seafood from PurelyFresh’s fresh range of produce. Another happy customer, Jonathon Yeo, also relies on PurelyFresh to deliver ingredients to his home, making it easier for his mother.


As our lives increasingly revolve around on-demand technology, PurelyFresh is confident that it has all the ingredients to dominate the online fresh produce delivery space: the freshest ingredients from their own wet markets, low delivery fees with the option to pay cash on delivery, money back guarantee, and most importantly, a steady pool of satisfied customers.

And we are pretty sure both Priscilla and Jonathon would attest to that.

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