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Star Wars mania has officially hit our shores. To commemorate the release of the latest Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, Facebook has launched their newest profile filter to add a lightsaber to your profile picture.

To add it to your profile picture, all you have to do is to go to the Star Wars post embedded below, and click “Try It”. It will instantly redirect you to a new window that will allow you to see your current profile picture with the lightsaber, choose if you want the Jedi’s blue lightsaber, or the Sith’s red one, and even change your profile picture.

Sadly, it doesn’t actually suit every profile picture. My own picture is sadly skewed to the left, which left me covered by the lightsaber that I can’t even move. To counteract this and look like a true Jedi, this is how to take a new profile picture to really match the shot.

not cool jedi
Massive fail.

First, take the right profile picture. The two options you have are either to take a front-facing profile shot, much like Finn in the promotional picture, or one slightly to the right, like you’re holding the lightsaber. If necessary, hold a prop to position your hands. Here, I held a selfie-stick and made a total fool of myself in the office.

posing for lightsaber

Don’t worry about being horrible at giving a serious face. If in doubt, channel Hayden Christiansen, and always be comforted that you’ll never be as bad as him (though in these shots I’m not too sure).

See the resemblance? (Image Credit: fanshare.com)
See the resemblance? (Image Credit: fanshare.com)

After that, upload the pictures and make it private to yourself, so your friends won’t laugh at your horrible posed pictures (yet). You can then access it through the customisation window. For the front-facing shot, be sure to cover one eye for that real mysterious look.

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 3.58.55 PM

For the side-shot, just cover the selfiestick, and hope people actually get what the hell you’re doing. I would recommend a more action shot, maybe with some elbows.Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 3.55.14 PM

Next, click “use it as a profile picture”, and be aware that this will be viewable by all your friends, family, distant relatives, and potential future employers. The web is forever, and this stain on your reputation will eventually be pulled up years from now at your high school reunion, in your wedding slideshow, or when your children ask you and your other half: “Mummy Daddy what is Star Wars?”

Feel stressed about it for the next couple of hours until you crack and delete it off Facebook, hoping no one ever saw it, and cry into your hands knowing that no matter how much you try, you will never be a true Jedi.


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