Delfina Utomo  |  Singapore
Published 2015-12-16 16:23:50

Well, aren’t they generous to people who like to travel? Just some time ago, local telco M1 announced free prepaid data roaming in Malaysia and Indonesia. Now, for jet setters and holiday makers, M1 is offering unlimited in-flight data roaming — for M1 customers only, of course.

With this service, M1’s roaming subscription customers can now stay connected and share pictures, stream videos, Instagram that cloud picture or being-nonchalant-in first/business-class shot and keep tabs on e-mails during their in-flight journey.

Image Credit: invibed.com
Image Credit: invibed.com

It’ll cost you S$25 a day — you’ve gotta pay up for luxury — and roaming subscription customers can enjoy unlimited data roaming on 18 airlines, including Singapore Airlines, British Airways and Qatar Airways. In-flight connectivity will be available on these carriers, and will be accessible when users log on to M1’s preferred in-flight network, OnAir.

If you’re worried about security, M1’s Network Lock feature protects customers from unintended usage and charges on non-preferred networks, so you can data roam in the air with peace of mind.


Chief Marketing Officer of M1, P. Subramaniam said, “Now we can stay connected wherever we go, even while in the air. With our affordable in-flight data roaming service, travellers can stay in touch with their loved ones, answer important e-mail or simply get the latest social media updates.”

We reckon that it’ll be pretty handy on long haul flights, and if you’re someone real busy and keeping up-to-date with everything while up in the air. But if you’re going to be flying off for a short getaway or a nice holiday, then we suggest you do it the right way: by switching off. Do check out the in-flight entertainment of course — the latest movies from the comfort of your seat? Why the heck not.

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