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Earlier this week, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai visited the students of Delhi’s Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) during his ongoing visit to India.

His sharing was 40 minutes long but we condensed the speech to 13 lessons you can learn from.

1. Constantly Reinvent Yourself

“The technology world changes in such as fast pace, so a lot of what we do is to figure out what the next phase is, and you have to reinvent yourself.”

2. Constantly Think About What To Do Next

“So a big part of what I do at any given time is making sure that we are innovating and building products for the future. This has to be a normal course of how you think, so you have to be constantly thinking about what to do next.”

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3. Be Ambitious

“I think we always have a very ambitious mission. We want to organize the world’s information, and make it universally accessible.”

4. Follow Your Dream

5. Do Things Which You Are Excited By

“I do think it’s important to follow your dream, and do something that you are excited by. If you follow you heart and do something that you like, you will always do much better.”

6. Take Risk And Keep Trying

“I think it’s worthwhile taking risks and trying to do things that you are excited by, and if the first attempt you don’t do it, you can always try again, and things tend to work out in the long run.”

7. Even If You Fail, Wear It Like A Badge Of Honour

“You know in Silicon Valley, part of the reason why people start a company – starting a company and even if it fail, you can wear it like a badge of honour.”

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8. Work With People That Keeps Pushing You

“At some point of your life, you have to work with people where you feel a bit insecure – that’s essential – that means you are working with people who are better than you, who are pushing you. If you actually feel very secure in what you do, that means you are doing something comfortable, you are not pushing yourself.”

9. Start Local, Go Global

“As the internet becomes more mainstream, people feel more confident, you have a much larger domestic market to tackle, that will give you the confidence to not just tackle the local market but global problems as well.”

10. Be Creative And Get Hands On

“Another thing I would say is – and I’ve seen it in the best schools in the US – its what I call “very experiential” and very hands on – People learn how to do things by doing them and not just by learning about them.

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11. Think Big And Be Ambitious

“You can think big about big problems, and you can be very ambitious in what you tackle, and a part of doing that is what leads to big global companies.”

12. Work On Problems That People Use In Their Daily Lives

“You know at Google we always think of solving problems that would one day apply to a billion people, so if we did something, would it work for a billion people. We want to work on problems that people use on their everyday lives.”

13. Work With People From All Kinds Of Background

“So we hire people from all kinds of background.”

Here’s the full video you can watch:

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